500GB Blowout: How to SUPERCHARGE Your PS3

GamePro writes: There's only one way to unlock 500GB of storage on your PlayStation 3 -- using the new Samsung Spinpoint M6. Here's how to install it in five easy steps.

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El_Colombiano3707d ago

Wow...haha 160GB is nothing! Nevermind a measly 120GB.

cahill3707d ago

since u can put any HDD of any size into ur ps3

so good to be a ps3 owner

zo6_lover273707d ago

You can't put a 2TB HDD in your ps3, 2.5inch HDD's only go to 400GB(could be more now)

You can however, use a 2TB external HDD.


Its 500GB now, not 400GB

shazam3707d ago

the ps3 can only use 2.5 inch drives. not 3.5 inches. 2.5 inches only go up to 500gb right now.

The Cryptkeeper3707d ago

know how to transfer the contens of the HD like gamesaves COD rank, etc. ???????????

morganfell3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

If you mean to the new drive, then yes. You plug in a compatible external drive and then go to the Back Up utility. It will make a copy of your current drive. Replace the current drive, then it will ask to format on the first boot up. Then plug in the external drive and go to the Back up utility and choose restore. When it is finished you won't know the difference except the fact you now have more space.

Here is the c/net video guide on how to do it.

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jamesrocks31473707d ago

u can go up to 750 and even 1TB now if u buy a SDD instead hard drisk if u dont no what i mean google it

plain rice3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

You can run a 3.25 inch SATA HDD's with an adapter. It's not really going to be internal anymore though. I'm currently doing this for my custom PS3 case. I have a working 1TB HDD PS3 and no NOT external through USB. Real deal 1TB through SATA connection.

xhairs93706d ago

I've never seen someone do that and make it look good. Good luck I hope the wires sticking out on ya can be fixed into some sort of fashion that you wont notice it because like I said, it's never looked good doing it that way.

solidsnakus3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

i just dont understand whats so good about upgrading hdds. 80 gig is enough. i dont need to waste over 100$ for 500 gigs just to save savegame files and the occasional couple of divx movies. i bet you people are the same ones that install that the horrible running linux just to say you did it.

SolidSnake933706d ago

Yeah I want to upgrade, but I feel that if I do then my 60 GB will remain idle.

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nos4speed3707d ago

"Step #2:
Unplug the PS3 and ground yourself. Open the PS3's hard drive access port, located on the side of the unit, with your fingernail."

Ahhhh I bite my nails.....Im forever to be stuck with 60gb....if only there was some sort of technology to replace fingernails.....ahhh if only :P

XXXCouture3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

sorry, i had a picture of a french manicure, lol. you guys misunderstood me

doshey3707d ago

holy crap thats alot of porn space haha

Dom63903707d ago

they don't make terabyte 2.5" SATA HDDs that's y he said it 500GB is the biggest u can get atm.
However there is another way, which is what i've done, and that's have a 500GB USB external HDD. If u do that u never have to go inside your ps3 if, your the nervous type.

But i also have a 250GB internal anyways i use the 500GB for any videos or movies off the store and the 250GB for all the game data and things that cant go on the external Hard drive, I'm sorted either way!

DRUDOG3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Comment from, I mean poster on linked website:

"sounds like a great way to void the warranty..."

Why do people still think that swapping the h/d out of a PS3 is going to void the warranty?!? It's in the damned manual no less. Swapping out your h/d will not void the warranty. Sometimes I wonder if people are really that "uninformed" or just out to spread some FUD...

Panthers3707d ago

95% of the public are that uninformed. However, I would think someone on the internet posting on forums would be more informed.

athlon7703707d ago

That was a pretty stupid comment. And I can't believe anyone who is posting on board such as that could be so mis-informed...he was just trying to spread FUD or start something.

In any case, for those who might not know, no, it will not void your warrantee, Sony gives you step by step instructions on how to do it.

SolidSnake933706d ago

You can change, but I believe that certain hard drive's not the standard 2.5" ones will void it because they require modding.