Uncharted 4 Angry [RF] Review

Angryjoe & OtherJoe do a Rapid Fire Review for Uncharted 4! Is this the PS4 killer system seller? Find out!

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Rimeskeem934d ago

"the highest 9 I could give it"

Man, I can't believe I have played through this series for nearly a decade :')

Aloy-Boyfriend934d ago

I knew Joe was gonna like this. Great review!

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ShadowKnight934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

His review is way different than Quantum Break review lol. This game is really great though. Congrats to Naughty Dog and Sony!

Dan_scruggs934d ago

yeah It's almost like they are totally different games. Crazy.

FamilyGuy934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

I'm pretty sure he meant because it was a rapid fire review whereas the Quantum Break review was the traditional Angry Review type. This one was missing all those fun skits and Joe being upfront talking about it more expressively. It was a shorter, cheaper, less entertaining type of review than people who watch Angry Joe reviews are use to. He was too busy this month compared to when Quantum Break came out to do a full, fun-filled Angry Joe Review.

rainslacker934d ago

One thing I do like about AJ is that he does actually qualify his reasons for criticism and praise with actual video example. I don't always agree with what he says in those examples/critiques, but it's hard to refute that he doesn't at least show you what he's talking about which puts it in context for the viewer. I like how he was able to point out negative critiques, how it compares to other games in the same genre(ROTTR in this instance), and how that effects he overall experience. To me, that's how reviews should be, and it's hard to dispute why his negative stances may not have an effect on some people over random "it sucks" with no qualification.

Rookie_Monster934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Hey he gave it the same score as me..9/10. Great minds think alike pertaining to This review and only this review. He also didn't like the MP that much, same as me.

ShadowKnight934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

I might get disagrees for this but I had more fun playing Uncharted 4 multiplayer than Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta and I don't know why. I'm not saying Uncharted 4 multiplayer is better but it's fun to play. The developers have enough time to fix Gears of War multiplayer before they release the game because the beta just didn't do it for me IMO. Gears felt outdated and I got bored quick and this is coming from a long time fan of Gears multiplayer. Maybe because I was overhyped for it or probably because I played it too much. But I'm willing to give it another chance when its release this fall.

Rookie_Monster934d ago

Different strokes for different folks. Nothing wrong with that

ShadowKnight934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

Gears of War 3 remastered with the multiplayer would be nice. Make it happen Microsoft!!

andrewsquall934d ago

@ShadowKnight Why the hell would you get disagrees for that? So Uncharted 4's multiplayer is not allowed to be better than Gears of War 4's Beta for some reason (which was easily disappointing even to fans) or even the final version for that matter???

Gears of War 4 isn't even being made by the original team that made the series what it is. Fans will be incredibly lucky if they DON'T get another botched contamination of a series that doesn't have a leg to stand on when compared to previous versions, just like Halo since 343i took over.

MasterCornholio934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

"Great minds think alike."

So you agree with his Quantum Break review then.

Otherwise you would have said something like this " While I dont always agree with Angry Joe he is spot on with this review"


Here's your original to show that I caught you with your pants down.

Edit 2:


Well he gave me the idea when he called me a shady lawyer. That got me thinking about what a shady lawyer does. Basically a shady lawyer will say one thing and then when he realises that he made a mistake he will manipulate the evidence to say something else. So that got me thinking about rookie editing his comments all the time to fit his agenda. Now while he can edit his comments what he can never change are fotographs of the original.

He really taught me a lot.

Aenea934d ago

Damn it! I wanted to say that! :)

Liqu1d934d ago

Exposed yet again as a desperate troll.

remixx116934d ago

Lol the edit thing was mad funny, good exposition, though I feel he is trying to hard to appear unbiased when I read his original comment...

"Great minds think alike" lol freakin died when I read this!!

andrewsquall934d ago

Haha well done. Another idiot caught red handed.

AndrewLB934d ago

Shady lawyer? lol. A bit redundant don't you think? Reminds me of "shrimp scampi".

rainslacker934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

It's those teachers you hate the most which tend to teach you the most valuable lessons.

Great minds don't always think alike. Their ability to not think like others, is what makes them great....other wise they just think ordinary.

Quote of the day:

"Don't believe everything you think you know".

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Genuine-User934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

"Great minds think alike pertaining to This review and only this review."

The fudge? You make absolutely no sense. lol

And you can't have it both ways. Your 9/10 for QB is equivalent to his 5/10.

rainslacker934d ago

So...given the 4 point curve, Rookie believes that UC4 is actually a 13/10?

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