New Rock Band 2 Drum Trainer Footage And Custom Music Addition

GameXtract writes "If you are a new starter to the music genre, and planing on buying Rock Band 2 on release then you might be happy to know that the game comes with a detailed trainer to help you get up to speed with all the Rock Band pros. Today we have new video footage showing off the drum trainer in three settings. The first video shows off the beat trainer allowing you to learn different beats in order to become a drum hero. Don't be fooled by the first few seconds of the video as the beat picks up after the first few phases. The second video teaches drummers how to do fills to make the most out of the multi-colored sections. The third, and final video is a freestyle mode allowing players to create their own beats without worrying about the incoming notes. The feature also allows you to add in your own music, and play along with it. Yes! I can finally play along with all my favorite bands! All videos can be viewed after the jump!"

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benny o klaatt3699d ago

that looks wicked! can't wait, need the practise for sure.

Ice2ms3698d ago

Nice looking forward to actualy learning beats on drums and then playing them to songs !