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wonderfulmonkeyman905d ago

These gender-biased lists need to die.

DiscoPete117905d ago

And our gender-biased society doesn't..?

wonderfulmonkeyman905d ago

Fair point, but at least the majority of our gender-based society doesn't make a point of showing absolute obsession over gender roles at every turn.
At least not consciously or venomously. [with the exception of hard-core feminists and the like, obviously]
The point is, there's no real point to these lists other than to say "Hey hey, look what women can do!"
We shouldn't need a list for that sort of thing any more than a list for when men are involved.

Paul_Cesar905d ago

You agree that it's a fair point that we have a gender biased society, but then say "whatever we don't need these lists anway"?

Besides, this particular list should not even upset you. It's not about how much better these women are. It's about how they just happen to be more interesting than the lead characters. That's it.

Paul_Cesar905d ago

"We’re not claiming any of these characters are better than the protagonist, just more interesting based on the above."

Which is why people should read things before they get mad.

wonderfulmonkeyman905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

More annoyed than upset, since there are plenty of incidents of this very same thing, irregardless of gender, amongst many games out there.
Yet it focuses specifically upon just the females.
For the record, I'd be just as annoyed with this, if it had been males pointed out instead.
I just want the whole "this specific gender" thing to stop.
Just because we live in a gender-based society doesn't mean we, let alone the majority of said society, should be paying an overt amount of attention to gender in every instance. [nor does my acknowledgement mean I like, nor agree, with society on many of the particulars of this topic, but that's a separate issue that I won't get into here]
This should be one of those articles where the gender of the side-kick shouldn't even need to be singled out as the focus, because that implies things the article makers most certainly wouldn't want to imply, that's all I'm saying.

Khaotic905d ago

It could have just as easily read "Top 10 Supporting Characters More Interesting Than Their Leads" I mean I could care less but why does it have to specify gender at all if we are trying to bring about equality

ShaunCameron905d ago

@ Khaotic

It specifies gender, because the author thinks that women are insecure and constantly need to be reassured that they matter. To sum it up, he's just pandering.

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Paul_Cesar905d ago


You think the women who wrote this top 10 may be insecure? Insecure about what? Please elaborate. I gotta hear this. And before you start typing, consider the fact that broad (and very ignorant) statements like that about women are the reason feminism exists.

Now go ahead and explain why you think they're insecure and what you think they're insecure about.

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Spurg905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

10. Tostada (Guacamelee!)
She's the fricking main character as well

9. Chloe Frazer (Uncharted Series)
More interesting that drake????...nope

8. Ellie Langford (Dead Space 2)
It's been a while since I played DS2 but I certainly don't remember this character

7. Cortana (Halo)
She was been designed to be the interesting character

6. Evie Frye (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate)
She is the lead in this game

5. Zelda (Legend of Zelda series)
Dont play Zelda

4. Kat (Devil May Cry)
That thing is ranked higher than Cortana

3. Alyx (Half-Life 2)
Never played it

2. Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)
Never played it but judging by how this list is going she must be really mundane

1. Ciri (The Witcher 3)
I can agree with his to a level.

eyoung25905d ago

You seem to be having issues with your punctuation and spelling. Glad you had time to formulate all of these well defended thoughts but not enough time to check your spelling.

Khaotic905d ago

It's not a term paper, it's a comment on a gaming site. Don't be that guy unless you're perfect at everything.

BC-SocialLink905d ago

@khaotic Ok, his spelling and grammar can be excused. His half sentence responses as to why he disagrees cannot. If he had so many issues with the post, he could elaborate a little more.

laurawrdeadly905d ago

You play as Jacob more often than Evie. And it's a split lead, why not just have Evie? Jacob is more interested in his gang while Evie is actually trying to help the assassins. Why even have her paired with a guy that really has no bearing on the overall arch of the assassin story?

medman905d ago

How you make a list like this without including Ellie from The Last of Us is beyond me. I don't get it.

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DasTier905d ago

Lol what, Cortana sucks.

Then again so does this list

PaleMoonDeath905d ago

If I must, 1# The Boss, the Mother of mothers, WHERE IS HER PREQUEL?!

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