AFRIKA sells 20,000 copies in Japan DAY 1

AFRIKA, the PS3 exclusive African safari simulator, is reported to have sold 20,000 copies on its day of release.

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Raoh3678d ago

i dont know much about sales in japan...

is that good?

wish it had a U.S. release

unamed083678d ago

AFRIKA In Japan DAY 1: 20 000 copies
BattleField: Bad Company Worldwide DAY 1 (PS3) : 11 000 copies

IdleLeeSiuLung3678d ago

I would think a game like that had limited market, but seriously?!

I'm not saying anything about the quality of the game, but more of the potential number of buyers interrested in this type of game.

Idonthatejustcreate3678d ago

japan is so small and it sells like crazy there, imagine how many copies of this game would sell world wide?

gaffyh3678d ago

Why do people want this game??? It looks soo boring lol.

kazuma3678d ago

i'm gonna try to answer in behalf of everyone interested in the game.

because it's different.

Rikitatsu3678d ago

Its just some casual stuff the PS3 fans are hyping ... we need more hardcore games.

Armyless3678d ago

don't look at it, don't follow it, don't care about it.

It's not like we all have to like the same games. Most games I consider "boring" are shooters that would challenge a single-cell organism.

Utalkin2me3678d ago

Wow that is really good, considering there is only 21,000 PS3's in japan that has been sold.

kazuma3678d ago

u must be the new troll they hired. hi there. how's it going in ur fantasy world?


guess which one is ps3 and which one is 360 lol

Chubear3678d ago

Yes, it's a PSN title.

jam93678d ago


It's not good number. It looks like game shops stocked only few copy of them and sold out at very early time.

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TheExecutive3678d ago

hopefully it sells loads so they can improve upon it and bring it to the states.

deeznuts3678d ago

Just release an asian version, which sometimes has english in it. I'd import this.

mfwahwah3678d ago

Why settle for such an esoteric option? Do send it to the states, AU, EU, NZ, everywhere. This game has world-wide appeal.

MaximusPrime3678d ago

20,000 in one day is very good

Utalkin2me3678d ago

Seriously though, there is what like little over a mill ps3 sold in japan. And this only sold 20,000 copies. That would be less than 2% sorry folks that's a flop for over there.

TapiocaMilkTea3678d ago

But that's 2% on DAY 1, these are only the people that were waiting impatiently for it. Not everyone has time to buy a game and play it on the day they are released you know.

nos4speed3678d ago

I wonder if any 1 of those 20,000 will give me their password :P I really want this game so bad, it even came out on my birthday!! but knowing europe I will never see this which is a pitty.

If anyone has any chance of getting this let me know my PSN ID is nos4speed , thanks

vitz33678d ago

Cool, I'll share my personal and Credit Card information with a forum poster by giving out my PSN ID info.


nos4speed3678d ago

actually I was simply implying contact me on my psn ID and arrange to swap passwords for game sharing, theres no credit card details involved as there saved to your PS3, ive dont in loads of times.

and no need for sarcasm....its the lowest form whit ;)

Lumbo3678d ago

Its a BluRay title, not a download title, hence there is no possible way to "share" it...

nos4speed3678d ago

well knock me over nd call me sheela, I remember reading it was download sumwere.....well screw my last comments....importage time!

nos4speed3678d ago

there we go got my copy on my way for £30 has them in stock

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DRUDOG3678d ago

I have to admit that I'm actually looking forward to this game getting released in NA. There have been hints that it will be, but has anyone seen anything official on it?

Lumbo3678d ago

Official word from Sony was that Afrika gets NO NA or EU release at all(search for it, it was somewhere on N4G and is GamesCon related).

DRUDOG3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

That was initially what I read a long while back. I also recall their stance was no NA/EU release as of "now" (months ago), not that it was never going to happen. I read recently (can't remember where, maybe PS3Fanboy) that there is a possibility that they will localize it.

Thanks and good catch... bubbles...

Adamalicious3678d ago

They confirmed that it won't be coming to NA or EU at Leipzig

mfwahwah3678d ago

AWW ****! I don't read Japanese. Why the Hell would you make a game like this Japan-only!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Adamalicious3678d ago

There's a whole genre of (mostly perverted) photography sims in Japan - apparently they love taking pictures. Remember how GT4 had a mode where you could take pics of your cars? They eat it up.

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