NVidia releases a great update, but what has it done to my Windows Experience Score?

NVidia recently released a PhysX update for the 8series graphics cards and higher, which has lowered the performance scale on some Vista PCs.

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Fishy Fingers3679d ago

Drama Queen. Who even compares Vista scores. Use a real benchmark. If the update has improved actual gaming performance I wouldnt care if Vista gave it a 1.

DJ3679d ago

Single-channel and Dual-channel memory. Its internal 'benchmark' scores are meaningless.

DevastationEve3679d ago

All benchmark tools are just scales. I personally gave up on the chase for better scores long ago and I just stick with the FACTS. Sure, they provide a great estimate about your hardware, but the thing is people like Futuremark are constantly innovating their products, and catering toward extreme gamers, who usually like to just gloat about their setup. And once they've moved on to a new series of graphics and cpus, the previous gen will fare less and less well with its new metrics.

WEI is a great attempt by Microsoft to try and keep the scale uniform, only scaling upwards to make room for newer tech as it comes along. That's the best way to try and gauge a computer's faults and strengths.

DevastationEve3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

About these drivers, I am running modded INF 177.92 (since this is a notebook GPU), with its support for OGL3.0 and CUDA enabled PhysX. I did see my WEI score go down afterward.

Processor: (4.6) "Intel Core2 Duo T5250 @ 1.5GHz"
Memory: (4.6) "2x Hynix 1GB DDR2 PC2 5300"
Desktop Aero: (4.5) (down from 4.9) "nVidia GeForce 8600m GS 256MB"
Gaming Graphics: (5.3) "1024MB total graphics memory 256 + 768"
Primary Hard Disk: (4.6) "2x Fujitsu 120GB 5400rpm SATA 150 8MB cache"

Also, I had a good question as to why I'd be scoring less in Desktop Graphics than in Gaming Graphics.

Would anything I do in the nVidia control Panel affect the score (like putting on 16xQ AA, 16xAF, and enabling Super Sampling)?

JohnnyMann4203679d ago


Who cares about that stupid score anyways.

ltolman3679d ago

What driver verison is this referencing to? The last update was June 23rd and the driver version is 175.19. Am I missing something here? Is there a new one that is scheduled to be on the website in the next couple days? Would be nice if there was a reference to what driver version this article is referencing to; thanks.

DevastationEve3679d ago

Drivers are released by nvidia just about every month, but oems like release their own versions as well. Usually the oem drivers will have model specific updates, though nvidia drivers are ALL UDA (universal driver architecture) meaning that one version should be able to run on all of their chipsets. But, when it comes to oem drivers nvidia it's up to the oem to support them. So all nvidia does i release a SERIES (like the 17x series) and then makes regular updates to those (177, 178, so on) and then oems make their minor revisions (177.3, 177.4 so on) and then there might be even FURTHER revisions to those (177.32, 177.33 so on).

Running a modded INF driver lets you install any drivers with any graphics, but you lose the whql signature since in essence MS didn't certify what YOU have with THOSE drivers. Only what was listed in the original INF.

TheIneffableBob3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

This article is referring to driver 177.92.

NVIDIA releases new beta drivers about every week or two.
Official WHQLs come every couple months or every new graphics card release in order to support them.

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