Good Evening, Mr. Bond. Will it be the Wii or the 360?

GotGame writes:

"It's been circulating the rumor mill for over 2 years now: Goldeneye 64 will be coming to XBox Live Arcade. And why shouldn't it? Considering Rare (the developers of the original Nintendo 64 title) has been a first-party developer for Microsoft since September '02, it seemed an obvious inevitability. While this has yet to be seen though, it does spark the question, "What about the Virtual Console? Goldeneye 64 is a Nintendo game!""

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Zerodin3760d ago

But not the PS3. After all as the SDF says "Leftovers are beneath Sony"

blockhead17003760d ago

It won't be released on the XBLA because Nintendo ownes the rights to that game because they published it.

Product3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

How can it come to xbl and not vc?when it was published by Nintendo,no one is getting this title any time soon i dont think

Conan9973760d ago

This article just seems to be who deserves Goldeneye more. In a business perspective it doesn't matter who deserves it more, it matters who owns the rights to Goldeneye, which from what we hear is Rare and Nintendo. (I remember hearing Rare owns the levels and the game structure and Nintendo owns the character rights, which is expensive coming from James Bond's camp)

All in all, lame article.

Bnet3433760d ago

Who published Banjo on N64? Because that is coming to Xbox 360 Live Arcade so Goldeneye can come to XBLA as well

The BS Police3760d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo jointly own the game, Activision however owns the rights to the bond license.

Cheeseknight283759d ago

But Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie on XBLA makes sense, because they coincide with the 3rd Banjo-Kazooie. However, Goldeneye wouldn't help promote anything.

The best solution? Release it on both VC and XBLA.

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Bleucrunch3760d ago

Nothing else needs to be said! Nintendo owns the rights to the game next topic!

Skizelli3760d ago

This article offers nothing we didn't already know months ago and is based on assumptions. It's a little contradicting as well.

Superfragilistic3759d ago

Agreed. Goldeneye XBLA has been completed for a while now and as part of the agreement MS offered a VC version to Nintendo, but the Nintendo head stonewalled and refused to have "a Nintendo title on another platform". Until that changes expect nothing more.

Skizelli3759d ago

Why the disagrees? Have you two been living under a rock? If you'd rather waste your time reading something based on assumption, that doesn't offer anything we haven't heard before months ago, then be my guest. I just thought I'd save some people the trouble.

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The story is too old to be commented.