GameTrailers: The Conduit Control Customization Walkthrough

Adjust bounding boxes and sensitivity however you prefer.

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Durffen3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Very nice.

Always great to see developers pushing for serious user customization, especially on Wii.

condorstrike3677d ago

this game might just blow metroid out of the fps holy grails spot....can't wait...

Product3677d ago

Metroid is a different type of game,more exploration than FPS.This game will sell if the controls are like Metroid yes.......but i really hope they stick the online aspect of the game.16 player(HV stated) deathmatches with wii controls.........cant wait.

chanmasta3677d ago

My fingers are still crossed for split-screen!

chanmasta3677d ago

If you look at the descriptions of some of the options in the video, they use the word 'Wiimote'. That's never been used in a game before has it?

I thought it wouldn't be allowed...

And also i've seen the 'Dead Zone' option in a few games and I looked around but can't find what it actually means, yes i'm an idiot, everyone laugh, but what is it?

Rute3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Dead Zone is the imaginary box wherein the movement of the aiming reticle translates into aiming, whereas outside the box it translates to both aiming and turning.

EDIT: no problem, chanmasta.

ChickeyCantor3677d ago

He is lying!!!
Dead zone is where you die because you can't enter that place!!!!

nieto3677d ago

isn't the purpose of the Wii to make the games easier to play? because this looks too complicated, too much things to adjust...

TheColbertinator3677d ago

I prefer flexibility.Even the pros of MLG have to constantly tweak their control setups to accomodate them.It looks complicated but that is the best method of making a shooting game on the Wii work

Rute3677d ago

The ajustment is optional and to my knowledge there are presets of which the player can choose from if he isn't happy with the default settings but doesn't want to make individual customization. To me the adjustment looks very easy and practical, so props to High Voltage. I think these kind of additional features are great.

ChickeyCantor3677d ago

Who says you need to adjust anything?
It's called an "option" for some reason.

And these options only make it easier for us once we set it up to our liking.

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