What if We All Die Never Having Played Half Life 3?

Twinfinite: What if we all, very seriously here, never see Half Life 3? Not even a commercial. Not even a blurry teaser image of a crowbar

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skcej939d ago

At this point I fear it's highly likely

Null1980939d ago

Some day in my old age, I'll be in the hospital on life support, in my final moments. The room's tv will be on, and across the news they announce "Half Life 3 finally confirmed to be releasing this year".

I'll say my final words, "Son of a..." and then pass away.

pandehz938d ago

Would be a rumour only.

GigawattConduit939d ago

*deep breath* Ah, well. Plenty of other stuff to play in the meantime.

-Foxtrot939d ago

Technically at this point a Ghost of a dead person has more of a chance to know about Half Life 3 then us...they could just hover into their offices and watch what the developers are working on. Imagine that? Imagine seeing it in all it's glory as a ghost and realise after you'll never be able to play it yourself.

That's a horror movie pitch right there

KurtRussell938d ago

This year or the next for sure. Lead writer and animator of HL series retired couple months ago, meaning they finished working on it and now they are just polishing the game. If they never worked on HL they would have retired long ago, atleast Laidlaw. What else would he be doing at Valve all these years, writing press releases?

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