Halo Interactive Strategy Game Preview

IGN: Love it or hate it, the Halo series is, without a doubt, one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. When Halo 3 hit shelves in September of 2007, it sold over 3 million copies in the first 12 days, and has since sold over 8 million copies. In the wake of the game's whirlwind retail reception, merchandising spiked to unparalleled heights. Consumers can find Master Chief's likeness on soft-drinks, clothing, toys, keychains, collectible figures, books, and bumper stickers. The newest way to own a piece of Halo, however, comes in the form of an interactive board game.

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dro3732d ago

im sorry but this is just stupid. give me halo 4 and not a halo board game (-_-)

TheColbertinator3732d ago

Halo'Os Part of your nutritious breakfast.

Cajun Chicken3732d ago

Breakfast cereal and Towels.

Dyingduck3732d ago

They're just milking a dying, overhyped series...

Enjoy your Halo Power Ranger Wars, Xbots

dericb113732d ago

Here is a nice fact to look up. The Original Xbox Launch List average about a 5/10 or 2 0ut 0f 5. While Halo was a 9. What would have happen if they launched with better software beside it? Also another fact is Half-Life 2 was suppose to have launched really Xbox launch period but was hacked and got pushed back a year. How Mircosoft and Valve seem all friendly now. Just seems weird to me.

3732d ago
felidae3731d ago

lol @ Halo Interactive Strategy Game ;-)

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