TGR's Rumor Killers: GTA4 DLC, Next-gen DS, and Lightsaber Waggle

TGR - "In our last edition of Rumor Killers we brought you word that Microsoft was expecting to release the first batch of exclusive Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC in November, alongside the new Xbox Experience. Turns out that might just be wishful thinking on Microsoft's part though, and anyone looking for a reason to go back into Liberty City will have to wait until 2009.

According to a a source close to Rockstar, there is no way the new content will be released until next year, with January or February 2009 being pinned as the early possible dates the new content could make its debut."

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cain1413678d ago

There needs to be a good wii lightsaber game...

Relin3678d ago

I dunno, MotionPlus is a nice tool for developers, but it's no panacea... that minigame Nintendo demoed during E3 was extremely shallow and would disappoint most Star Wars fans were it a lightsaber game.

highdro3678d ago

yes i am back!!! highdro is back !!! fell the power of sony,feel the power of the psp-3000,feel the power of the ps3,but feel the overheati ng of the 360 XD

AND BOYCOUT THE or two bubbles will not stop me..

feel the power !!!!!!!

Leafs1173678d ago

go back to the open zone

texz3678d ago

but MS talk DLC will be launched until end of 2008 is just trash talk.

JD_Shadow3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Something tells me that if this delaying BS continues, we'll see this DLC go multiplatform for a few reasons:

1. MS may begin to think that it wasn't worth it and just say "do whatever you want with it, we have no more interest", which would be pretty cool for PS3 owners. We don't know how this contract (if any) was written out, but this could be a bad sign for MS keeping its exclusivity.
2. Rockstar, and for that matter, T2, will be losing money (even that alleged 50 mil), and seeing the current PS3 momentum, they may see an opportunity to get more money out of it after the loss of money via delays.

To anyone who thinks THIS won't be possible (it IS possible. Not probable, but still possible), remember what they were saying about FF13 before it went multi. MS needs to be careful about what they say about this at this point.

And why hasn't MS shut up about this DLC yet? It's obviously that they don't know crap about it, so why are they out there pretending they DO know EVERYTHING? This is WHY I keep saying shut up and let Rockstar explain the details. Yet they will never learn.

[email protected]: Contracts may be signed (we may never know and no one will say anything about anything concerning this unless it's MS running their mouths about stuff they shouldn't be talking about), but they can also be terminated for whatever reason (and with whatever consequence would come from that).

By this point, it wouldn't matter WHO had it because whoever bought GTA4 would buy it for the system they wanted to buy it for (or was ABLE to buy it for, and if the 360 owners bought their's just for the DLC, then they really dropped the ball on being GTA fans, in my opinion). The DLC was only an afterthought to so many GTA4 buyers, and many don't necessarily want it (for whatever reason they will give). Bottom line is that if this is delayed further, then we'll see some much deserved anger coming from the 360 crowd because they were promised something extra and they are not getting it right now and are not sure if they will ever get it.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with your point, but still, this is something that is a real serious cause for concern at this point. MS needs to start making decisions as to what was worth it, and Rockstar needs to start making decisions as to what they really want to do now.

Relin3678d ago

I do think it's possible, but I really don't think MS cares if it does. The exclusive DLC announcement just stacked their deck a little more, and they wanted to secure enough initial sales to rival what was gonna be sold on the PS3 -- which they did wonderfully. Anything that happens now is gonna benefit Rockstar much more than it would MS.

Getting that DLC on two platforms would simply make Rockstar more money and validate the work they put into it... contracts may have already been signed, however, so who knows?

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