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MEGamers: Too Human Review

Too Human, developed by Silicon Knights, is surrounded with negativity right now. That right here is the main reason why so many gamers are opting against trying out this game. So before you go ahead with reading this review of the game, be informed that you will finally be hearing good things about Too Human. Oh, and check your wallet to see how much money you got, you might end up buying this one very soon.

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Fishy Fingers3763d ago

Seems they enjoyed their time with Too Human, only the visuals letting the side down with a measly 6. 9 for Gameplay and 9 for Fun Factor, and at the end of the day those are what keep you coming back, not the visuals.

TheColbertinator3763d ago

Yeah.Apparently many people like this game and I am surprised after the reviews.Just goes to shows how reviews don't really matter.All the reviews say GTA4 was "perfect" but the game got boring quickly.

Fishy Fingers3763d ago

Well there's no right and wrong in reviews. They're just some guys opinion.

TheColbertinator3763d ago

I agree again.Though its a valid opinion,its just an opinion

deeznuts3763d ago

Game is fun but I must say, the 2nd part of the 3rd mission/act started to drag, and the last wilheim mission was boring. It was just wave after wave of essentially the same enemies. They should have cleaned up that last act, it was quite boring I thought about putting my controller down for good a few times.

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Lord Vader3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Ha ! Someone actually played the game before writing a review = how novel !

Yeah, me & my buddy have been playing this game since release, the co-op fun factor is awesome & the game is huge with tons of cool loot. My friend Crash says this is his favorite game of the year so far (he doesnt have a PS3 for MGS4).

Hope to hit Level 50 tonite !

Lord Vader3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Thank you guys, bubbles for all of you !

Hey no one has to like this game if they don't want to, I have seriously had that much fun with it & I hope maybe others will try it & they *might* find it's a much better game than some folks would lead you to believe. I thought it was going to suck, but rented it anyways b/c I liked the demo & ended up buying it.

Nevers3763d ago

are having just as much fun. Really huge addiction factor.

3763d ago
PimpHandStrong3763d ago

not here to flame this up

but i notice your on every Too Human thread telling everyone how much fun your having

i also noticed something

you and like 2 other ppl say the same

most ppl have said the game is crap! Deal with

Your friend crash must be really hard up for games if this is the best game he has played all year!

Lord Vader3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Definately, I encourage ppl to TRY the game, it is alot of fun IMHO, & I see no harm in that, *especially* with Sony fanboys on every Too Human article, who have NOT played the game, telling everyone how bad it is.

Have you rented the game out & tried it, spent 4-5+ hours with it to properly base an opinion, or are you just spreading a biased FUD opinion b/c you don't like the game for whatever reason ???

Another question, if you DO NOT like the game, WHY are you reading Too Human threads ???

Man_of_the_year3763d ago

And who are you to tell someone what his likes and dislikes are...

Alpha_Gamer3763d ago

Don`t get your panties in a bunch. Many people (including me) found the game addicting and fun.

Fishy Fingers3763d ago


We're not all cast from the same mold. Even if 99.9% of people hated the game it doesnt mean Vader has to conform with the masses. Would you rather he lied and said he didnt like it to appease certain people?

His like for the game is as valid as someone else's hate.

Nevers3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

unless that hate is completely unfounded. Which seems to be the case with a large contingent on N4G on all sides of the Game-Hater crowd for multitude of games on any console.

But yeah ... whatever

My review is the only one that matters to me.

Vecta3763d ago

You sir are an idiot, currently the forums have crashed because of server strain from to many people connecting. Clearly people like the game, get over it....

Superfragilistic3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Sorry PHS... But there's an enthusiastic Too Human following that perhaps is not as apparent to people who spend the majority of their time here or other places b!tching about it. The sales are likely to reinforce that there are more than the two individuals you claim, that like this title.

There's no doubt the game's flawed, lacks polish and some bug killing insecticide... and in my view it's not AAA. But I've personally spent and enjoyed more time with this title than I have with AAA 10/10's such as GTAIV.

It's not a piece of gaming art but it's a lot of damn fun!

And it's not just the depth of the title that's got me with it's loot and RPG stuff, but it has a Geometry Wars type pick up and play addictiveness that I can't put down so easily and is great fun in co-op. It's worth a rent, even if only to find out which reviewers will better reflect your tastes in the future.

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belal3763d ago

not an avarage title but almoste an avarage title ;)

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