EGM review scores

The latest EGM review scores are as follows...

Mario Super Sluggers - B
NHL 09 - B+
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - C, C, B-
Facebreaker - C-
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - A, GOTM
Disgaea 3 - B-
Tales of Vesparia - B+, B-, C
Too Human - C-, C-, D+
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - A, GOTM 2
Guilty Gear 2: Overture - C-
Spore: Creatures - C+
Dragon Quest IV - B+

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heyheyhey3733d ago

quick question

why do some games have 3 scores and some have 1?

Masta_fro3733d ago

Its been a while since ive seen an EGM mag, but if i remember correctly, some games are rated in averages, and some are devided into: Gameplay, Graphics, and Story.

Relcom3733d ago

3 people review big releases, 1 person for the "small" releases

Daver3733d ago


I tought Spore was a big game

bigcheda3733d ago

@1.3 - its spore: creatures, the DS version.

the PC version will definitely get 3 reviews

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gtgcoolkid3733d ago

I thought force unleashed was gonna be better. Tiger woods looks good though. Might check that out.

dachiefsman3733d ago

Totally agree. As a fan out Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, I was hugely disappointed with the demo. These scores really don't surprise me, but hey some people liked it.

I thought the controls and saber play in Outcast and Academy were superior to this game.

Masta_fro3733d ago

Tiger Woods triple A?

Looks like golf fans will be busy soon...

Jok3r3733d ago

Viva Pinata 2


Instant buy! Gotta love those little Pinatas :D
For $39.99 ALL of you should buy it ;D

Relcom3733d ago

Max Panye PS3 Exclusive, awesome

And God of War 3 2010 :(

Relcom3733d ago

its in the rumor section of course, scans? no
I assure you its true check the gaf

Altis13733d ago

F*ck that. I'm selling this PS3 now.

sleepbox3733d ago

Hey homeboy, quit leading the ignorant with lies.

It stated: Rockstar Working on Max Payne 3 and Unannounced PS3 Exclusive ...

Those are 2 different games.

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The story is too old to be commented.