Killzone 2 MP screens trickle out

Shots of Killzone 2's multiplayer mode are popping up on the net, following the start of the private beta test, which began earlier this week.

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dro3733d ago

killzone 2 is the best looking shoot em up (-_-)

cahill3733d ago

It is the best looking game (arguably).

I know it has competition - God of war 3/Heavy Rain/Crysis and Uncharted

gw4k3733d ago

Are these photos real or are they doctored like some of G.units other released picks. Sony and G.unit have a little problem with doing sh*t like this.....

RememberThe3573733d ago

Look at those Gears 2 screens, they look amazing, but we're not going to see that crispness while that game is moving.

mfwahwah3732d ago

"G. unit" does not make video games. Please refer to GG the correct way.

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Amp3733d ago

Comes out in winter.Let it snow, we will be very busy with this!

Close_Second3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

These have already been posted and they are not in-game shots. Might be in-engine shots but they don't look in-game unless they were taken from a spectator perspective.

By the way, I'm not suggesting that K2 looks bad its just that we need to start classifying the nature of the shots. If they are of actual gameplay or from a cutscene or something of that nature.

DJ3733d ago

So it's probably just in-engine. But this is what the multiplayer mode looks like. Not sure why they downscaled the images though. If you look at the raw 720p files, you can tell it's using 4xAA (videogame standard). I think they're also using the depth maps to assign different AA levels, depending on if something is closer or further away from the camera.

cahill3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I know it is hard to believe buts that KZ2 for you--arguably teh most ultrarealistic game ever made

KZ2 looks bad????

KZ2 looks miless better than any game out there except Uncharted and Crysis

Guerilla isnt EPIC who release BULLSHOTS of Gears2/UT3 with 16x AA

GVON3733d ago

"These have already been posted and they are not in-game shots. Might be in-engine shots but they don't look in-game unless they were taken from a spectator perspective."

They are taken using a free control cam,so you could be playing a game whilst a spectator views the game from a free cam, online pc games have had this mode for many years, and hopefully KZ2 will have youtube upload support so you could spectate a clan match pick some high points and upload.

Firstkn1ghT3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Still posting lies I see. They specifically say that these are not in game. Reading is fundamental. And you better hope those are not in game because those screenshots look basic.

beavis4play3732d ago

from the article:
"These shots aren't in-game, but we expect loads more KZ2 leakage over the next few weeks as lucky beta players slip the odd video online. Always happens."

notice the first 5 words.......they say the shots aren't in-game.

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pp3733d ago

Those screen shots don't look good at the moment also i heard killzone 2 multi-player is abit sluggish

jerkstore3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I also heard your mom tried to have you aborted but your fat ass pushed and pulled your way to freedom out of her cooch.

Oh well, society's loss. Maybe there's a back alley coat hanger we can still use.


cahill3733d ago

It looks miles better than any game on your console
Your console will never have anything to rival Kz2

NipGrip3733d ago

Looks better than anything on any other console out there.

Freak of Nature3733d ago

A question to anyone in the know....

Will their be any levels/sets/maps, that are not just in an "industry type" location? I would hope their will be some diversity. From what they have shown,it looks great,but I am hoping for more non generic settings.

nirun3733d ago

alot of game devs don't like to give away the settings of all their levels. they want some element of surprise to keep the storyline flowing.

people were saying the same thing about mgs4

great games3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i hope it the same level. its not that hard to do diff levels, city,jungle,bridge,mall,some snow area,docks,warehouse,beach... its not that hard so i doubt it.

i also hope they have more pistols. the isa one is stupid just give them a glock with 15 rounds since helghast get like 18. and the isa handgun is a magnum which isn't fair(magnum is always the strongest handgun) even tho it carries 7 rounds. when i think about it why do isa get half the clip size of the helghast main weapon and be weaker at the same time real fair..

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