Michael Phelps Didn't Really Get New 'Call Of Duty' Early

MTV's Stephen Totilo writes:

"Viewers of CBS' Early Show yesterday were treated to a sight arguably more extraordinary than swimmer Michael Phelps' procurement of eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

To win eight gold medals, a man merely has to swim faster than any other man in the world. That's easy compared to what appeared to happen on the Early Show, when the producers appeared to bend the laws of space and time as they presented Phelps a copy of "Call of Duty: World At War" for the PS3 - a game that won't be released for at least another month or two, if not further into the future than that. The CBS host assured Phelps that Activision wanted Phelps to have the game first.

I asked an Activision PR rep yesterday how this happened..."

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Zydake3756d ago




chasuk083756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

If i were him i would swim all the way to their studios and demand a real copy

Elimin83756d ago

He's good, but he ain't that good

InMyOpinion3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

"To win eight gold medals, a man merely has to swim faster than any other man in the world."

To be able to endure that many races in that short period of time you need something more. Let's call it "boosters" ;) Steroids make you recoup faster, and what he pulled off would be impossible without it. Not bashing Phelps, incredible athlete, it's just that almost all top athletes use various steroids and hgh.

It's not about the spirit of sportsmanship anymore, it's about breaking records in order to get viewers in order to get sponsors and more money.

sajj3163756d ago

believe me when I say that he and Bolt were tested up the wazoooo ... IOC can't afford another Marion Jones PR disaster!

butterfinger3756d ago

So, somebody breaks records and you can't understand it other than saying they cheated. You say that you're not bashing Phelps, but you still are. Accusing him of using steroids or HGH is just taking cheap shots. The olympic athletes go through incredible drug testing these days, and the IOC would not allow such big names to get this far on drugs. You must keep in mind that Phelps did not just all of a sudden become this good. The media was thinking that he would get the 8 golds last time. He has been an amazing swimmer and athlete since high school, so I doubt he just decided to start using steroids or HGH this olympics. It's pathetic that you can't believe that athletes can achieve such amazing feats without "help", and I'm not calling you pathetic, but the athletes that have tainted every other athlete's reputation. We live in such a sad day and age.

kevin11123756d ago

so someone who swims a minimum of 5000 meters a day cant do a few races that equal to under 1000 meters, he could definitely swim more if he wanted to, all the swimmers could have.

Blink_443756d ago

I highly doubt he was on steriods. But the freaky wierd looking french guy probably was.

XXXCouture3756d ago

yeah i agree. I think Jenzo is just hating on Phelps, because he's an American.

Don't worry about him, man. he's just a ignorant hater

Sitdown3756d ago

if you watched the olympics you would have heard and seen how there were other things that contributed to the speed....because he was not the only one breaking records everybody was. First off the pool was faster because of the lanes, and then the suits they were greatly contribute to faster swimmers. I say that not as speculation..but my wife is an athletic trainer. So with that said...while it is awesome that he accomplished 8 gold also makes you wonder what those in the past would have down with similar equipment during their day. Now what Usain Bol that is just ridiculous.

Bnet3433756d ago

Jenzo is just mad his country didn't have a great athlete like Michael Phelps.

SnprSlick3756d ago

Sitdown, if YOU would have watched the olympics. You would have seen that Phelps was not wearing the suit in question. He was using a different version of the LAZR suit. The suit only covered his waist down. Phelps is a shark. Admit it.

Sitdown3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

If YOU watched the Olympics and if YOU paid attention to what you just will see that you said your self that he was wearing a "suit"....and to be more specific a "LAZR suit" Which is the suit in question. Just wearing the bottoms still gives you a boost...if you do not think so...then why did FINA feel the need to meet with the manufacturer? Here..chew on this article...

Hmmm, you say that Phelps was not wearing the whole suit...well I know for fact his teammates in the relays in a since he still benefited from that...but wait, I know for a fact that he to had a full suit, go to this site.

Look at picture 14...still don't believe? about picture 16?
So what were you saying again.....he is not a shark, but a human. A human who at the 2008 Olympics showed to be the great at his craft.....with that being said, Usain Bol came out of no where...and redefined our perceptions on how fast an individual can run...with a head wind. As far as swimming...we are not sure where these space age suits will take us....or how great Phelps will be if more interested is garnered toward swimming.

Finally lets ask speedo if just wearing the bottoms will help..

SnprSlick3756d ago

Wow, you're ignorant. I will admit that he did wear the suit 1 earlier race during the olympics. However, HE not his team, HE did not wear the body suit. He only wore the leg skin. You read Speedo's PR. Of course they are going to say it's the fastest blah blah. You failed at proving a point however. Let me prove mine.

1. Phelps did not wear the suit that has been attributed to the controversy. To prove to everyone he didnt need the full body LAZR to win.
2. If you watched the races, you would see that more than half of his competitors wore the FULL BODY suit. Against him. He was at a disadvantage.
3. To have the ability to swim 8 times in a few days is an amazing feat.
4. If you are going to go as low as saying he isn't deserving of the gold medals because of the pool and the suit. That proves your jealousy. Everyone was on the same playing field. Whether or not he deserved the records could be debated. But implying he didnt deserve the gold medals is wrong.
5. Phelps could outswim you and me. So move on.

And yes, he is a shark.

Sitdown3755d ago calling usually comes out when you can not produce a decent argument anymore. Again I say....why did FINA talk with the manufacturer if the suit did nothing? Why is it that as of June 26, 2008 over 38 world records had been broken with the use of the suits? Here..have another article.


Allow me to debunk your points...if that is what we are choosing to call them.

1. You admitted that he did use the suit for at least one race..and using just the leggings helps in your the description of why on the website, and you can find plenty of other articles outlining why. Again, he benefited from teammates using the suits.

2. Nobody did not say that he would not be at a disadvantage...but bringing up other athletes in "FULL Body suit" who also broke records..again speak to the aiding of the suit.

3. Do not believe the hype...given the intensity of his workout program and how many years that he has been working the is not as amazing as the media wants you to believe. Let see..he works out 6 hours a day 6 days a week swimming approximately 50 miles a week; roughly 8 miles a day. So guess what that means....his workout program is waaaaaaaaaaay more intense then the program he swam at the Olympics.
4. Please quote me where I said he was not deserving of the a matter of fact I said he was the greatest at his craft in the 2008 Olympics. And what reason would I have to be jealous...I like and love who I am...just because I do not follow the Phelps' crowd without thinking..does not mean I am jealous.
5. Again...who cares if he can out swim me? I sure know I don't....I am walking in my purpose and calling in life.

Ohh, and if he is a shark.....doesn't that mean it is unfair...given that he was swimming against humans? Right...he is no shark....just a freak of nature.

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sajj3163756d ago

cheap marketing??

My goodness Activision ... not even put a beta in there? I knew 2 months before release was a little fishy! If it was already GOLD, Activision would have pushed up the release before R2 and Gears 2....

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