White Knight Chronicles - New Artwork

Level-5 published 2 new artwork images. Check them out.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3525d ago

Hopefully this will make it big time, unlike Tales of V., Lost Odyssey, etc.

AngryXbot3524d ago

I stated a few weeks back that TGS will show Whiteknight and ICO game.

I am proven correct yet again. Hopefully SE will have something in store for us as well because those treacherous biatches still need to redeem itself.

Hentai3525d ago

Those screen shots aren't new. I've seem them before!

kazuma3525d ago

yes, they're screen grabs from the trailer of the game. fmv too. way old.

GamerMan3525d ago

White Knight Story Screenshots e Imagens from a 2007 video. They must of just reposted? Oh well got my hopes up :)

TheHater3525d ago

yeah, these are about a year old

Fishy Fingers3525d ago

Not sure if I've seen the first before, but the second is very old.

Expy3525d ago


belal3525d ago

that looks cool

hope ingame is great though :P like i will ever doubty the power of ps3:P

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The story is too old to be commented.