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Rumor : New family priced PS3 without Blu Ray??

Gadgetnutz.com reports: "Sony is rumored to be making drastic changes to recapture the market before losing even more of it's command share to the likes of Nintendo (the success story of the holiday season) or the XBox 360 (still suffering in the land of the rising sun, but gaining momentum everywhere else). In a move that is "aimed at family pricing," Sony is rumored to be working on a Playstation 3 that does not include the Blu Ray drive. Whether this will result in the current low-end model having a change, or a newer "entry level" Playstation 3, remains to be seen. However, this is in stark contrast to their previous, egocentric, statements regarding "what kind of consumer"* will be looking at the Playstation 3." (Industry, PS3)

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Gears  +   3157d ago
No one wants a PS3, Playstation is old, it is time for a change and it is the 360 and the Wii dominating this round. Blu-Ray will fail, everyone knows this! Sony has screwed themselves and I don't ever see them coming back from this unless microsoft buys them.

Furthermore, if you want to see a $200 HD-DVD player, you need only look at the 360's $200 add-on, which sold an incredibly impressive 42K in NA in December. Quite an impressive feat, i'm sure that Sony is in for some hurt. Oh, well-I guess mass support from nearly ever movie studio and electronics company, and Sony owning half of the entire movie library cant help Blu-Ray now. Shame. Sony anre LOSERS. Microsoft knows how to run a successful business, Sony you need to take notes. You are slowly being eatin alive by Microsoft, serves you right. LOL
Syko  +   3157d ago
Funny thing is..
An Entry level PS3 scares me more than what they currently have, If Sony puts out a Machine for less than a premium 360 MS is screwed cause like I said before they have brand recognition, And for people like me that bought two PS2's it was hard to make the switch to the Original Xbox. Simply due to the fact that I had 20+ games and a ton of accesories, It was cheaper to buy another PS2. But now im glad I did cause it made it easy to "Jump In" (Minus the 16 Hour wait to get it) =P However I don't see this happening cause it would finally prove that Blu-Ray is not needed for games and Sony defiently can't send that message to the industry
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Juevani  +   3157d ago
''Gears'' yeah thats why it couldnt sell more than 10 mill. in awhole year alone and more, get outta here with that bs, if u want to change then change who cares, 1 customer aint sh1t..

I don't think Sony will do it, its just another rumor.. Sony made this move for a reason I doubt that they made a mistake (just people wanna see them makin a mistake thats why the media is all up on Sony) we all will see Sony on top again no doubt..
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Gears  +   3157d ago
How will PS3 games play
Without a blu-ray player, it simply isn't possible for them to do this. Think about it they would have to release two versions of the game dvd and blu-ray. It would cost more money to do that, they can't release a model without blu-ray. What a stupid rumor!
Legionaire2005  +   3157d ago
PS3 without a Blue Ray is a good idea
The Blue Ray is the reason why the PS3 is 200 times expensive. I think Sony made a big mistake adding Blue Ray to the PS3, because it's causing lackluster sales for Sony. Will it be a problem for Game developers if Sony made a PS3 without a Blue Ray? Some developers had already said that they love the extra space. I say there is a 50% percent chance that Sony could ditch the Blue Ray on the PS3.
GAMER_4_Life  +   3157d ago
who said that 360 couldnt do 10 mill??
hmmmm.maybe u are an analyzer??
ur console is out there in every f*** store and websites and no one is buying,how about that??U should really analyze ur company first befor u move on to the succes(XBOX 360)
Brandon  +   3157d ago
this is obvius a fake, it's like old nintendo 64 models with cdrom, you have to sell the same game on two different format and gamers can buy just one type of game(in this case with ps3 you can read also normal dvd)
Karibu  +   3157d ago
MS spreading FUD again
Dropping Blu Ray doesn't make any sense.
Monchichi025  +   3157d ago
Sony cannot make this Blu-Ray less PS3 simply because their games run off Blu-Ray disks. They dug there own grave now they must lie in it. To say they would have two different formats is impossible because no developer would ever go along with this as the money involved would be enormous!!!! And imagine the confusion with the customers!! You think they have a PR nightmare now?!?! Imagine if this was to happen!!
darx  +   3157d ago
If true...
WOW, if this is true. Talking about ripping off the consumer who did not care about the BR but were forced to have it included and paid a full $600+. Sheeesh!
tk  +   3157d ago
Horse Manure
This is so obviously BS. There is absolutely no way this will ever happen.

"GadgetNutz's storybreaking reporter, The Bandito, has uncovered a developing story concerning Sony via his network of industry insiders."

His network of industry "insiders" is feeding him BS. The viral marketers and "reporters" come up with the most weird BS. What next? A PS3 with a HD-DVD drive? Or wait, why not a PS3 that only plays PS1 and PSP titles running on cartridges.

Or better - a PS3 that can only read CD-ROM.

Oh the absolute panic that must be setting in trying to create bad news for the PS3.

Get over it. The BluRay titles started outselling the HD-DVD titles in December. The war is over. BluRay is winning. HD-DVD is dead in the water.
Marty8370  +   3157d ago
This Makes No Sense.......
Blu-ray is standard for both games and movies on PS3.
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malachi23  +   3157d ago
Sony it's plain and simple, YOU SCREWED UP WITH THE PS3! haha!
Gears  +   3157d ago
Hd-Dvd has outsold blu-ray
from the beginning and still is TK. You moron.
Dlacy13g  +   3157d ago
This is a great idea for Playstation....
But a HORRIBLE move for Blu-ray. This would for the most part kill off Blu-ray I think. Because suddenly they would no longer "require" devs to use blu-ray discs for games as the developer really wouldn't be able to use blu-ray anyore given the fact that the lesser unit is without a blu-ray player and most likely would be their top-selling unit.

It also would tell the industry/world that Sony really is not behind Blu-ray as strongly as they were. Investors would freak out over this. You think Sony took a hit in their stock before?

From a overall business plan sense its a bad move. Sony needs to ride the course a bit more. To abandon the format so early in the launch really will kill it...and they will end up eating a sh*t load of money from R&D that they will never recoup.

From a Playstation brand it would save the console for sure. I could totally see Sony dominate sales moving forward with this move as I am sure they would bring the cost down considerably. But it also would give the 360 a leg up in one area that up until now the 360 couldn't stand toe to toe with the PS3 on and that is disc space.
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CompGeek  +   3157d ago
And how do you play the games without blu ray? Sony has gone way past desperate if this is true, waaaaay past.
calderra  +   3157d ago
This system would be incapable of playing current PS3 games.

Yeah, this is really true.

There are really moronic stories on this site today.
power of Green  +   3157d ago
I agree, people were looking for any excuse to move on; when it comes to Sony. Nintendo had to reinvent itself in a huge way to stay alive people dont feel that PlayStation has done the same; it's a new era and rehashed games on "blu-ray" discs and HDMI no one care's about Sony was to focused on hardware when all people care about was games.
power of Green  +   3157d ago
Dev's will have to put games on two diferent disc, i know, yah right!.
mellowspaz  +   3157d ago
I doubt this is going to happen, but I think this would be a good idea. Game compatibility issues, and having 3 PS3 systems at different prices might be too much. I would definitely consider purchasing one in the future if it was 399 or lower. I don't want lame-ray in it.
Boink  +   3157d ago
not going to happen
2 reasons, and both big blows to sony's ego

1. they would be admitting that you don't need that much space for next gen games, therefore making MS right.

2. The industry reaction would be that sony has lost confidence in it's own product, pretty much guaranteeing that blu ray fails, and then making the system with blu-ray completely useless.
MicroGamer  +   3157d ago
The game devs won't appreciate this
They will have to release their games in two formats and it will be harder for them to justify including extra content on the Blu Ray versions if most PS3 owners will have a non Blu Ray version. Most likely if Sony releases a DVD version of PS3, devs will release all their games on DVD and abandon Blu Ray.
Raist  +   3157d ago
Yeah and the main reason is : all games so far have been released on BRD.

I can't believe people actually believe stupid rumors like this one lol.
power of Green  +   3157d ago
What ever you have believed in; in the past has taken one of your bubbles, you have no idea what Sony will do to save it's gaming market, PS3's are laying around in droves a cheaper PS3's will appeal to all the poorer folks that made them the leader in the first place.
FFVIIFan  +   3157d ago
It wont happen
Games are formatted on Blu Ray discs. So people would be screwed if they bought any of the launch games. They have to be played in a Blu Ray player. It's been a rough start, and it isn't near over, but Blu Ray has a good chance. Putting aside the movie aspect, Blu Rays hold more data than DVDs or HD-DVDs so developers will find the exta room a welcome, and give developers more room to make longer, bigger, and hopefully better games. I mean with both systems charging 60 for a game I'd hope that they would start giving more hours of play.
power of Green  +   3157d ago
Agreed! although it would have allowed PS3 directlly compete with the 360, all that Blu-ray space DVD9 talk is a bunch of BS.
Karibu  +   3157d ago
I can't believe...
they approved this as news. This is ridiculous even for a rumor. This site is turning to sh!te pretty good.

BTW, I heard X360 makes your testicles explode.
Put that up as well...
Shadow Flare  +   3157d ago
The xbox 360 running so hot it can fry eggs made the news on this site aswell lol. Although that was a pretty good article

This IS ridiculous though, ps3 games use bluray discs. No bluray drive = no ps3 games. There's no point. This is almost as ridiculous as microsoft saying the 360 is a next-gen console. J/K
Raist  +   3157d ago
Yeah and i don't even know why i got one bubble taken away. But whatever.

Back on topic, all those "PS3's do not sell" stuff is pretty funny. Last time i checked the PS3 got its best sells in Japan. What do some photos in shops prove ? I could take photos of shelves full of 360's. What does that mean ? it doesn't sell ? Shelves have just been replenished ?

Anyways, this rumor is a complete nonsense. Do you really think that they would be desperate enough to strip the BR off, preventing people to play the games ? C'mon. Except those "omg look PS3 on shelves" stuff, reports say that PS3's sell well, so huh why would they be desperate ?
Syko  +   3157d ago
Thats untrue mine didn't blow up. But the left one did rupture, Extremley painful but not near the pain of a company passing off a movie player as a game system and ruining everything they had going for them with their big ego. How many systems did Nintendo have before they got a big ego too?? Oh yeah 2. Good thing according to you guys this is only Xbox 1.5
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tk  +   3156d ago
Hey LeonSKennedy4life
Wii is innovative because people want it. There is not a particular game that I want on it, except maybe the sports titles.

What I am looking forward to is The Getaway on the PS3, Ratchet & Clank for the kids, GT5, MGS and most probably the Singstar series. OH, Warhawk, Lair and Motorstorm. But the Wii I will most probably be forced into by the kids. They will see it, they will like it, and the graphics is not going to bother them.

BluRay movies for me, but the kids will most probably not notice that much of a difference between DVD and BR at the moment.

Basically I want the PS3 for some of the technology - like running Linux on it... and some of the favorite games, and of course BR. The kids - they will be more impressed by the Wiimote than the BR or graphics. And since the PS2 games was good enough, the Wii should look better - the Wii is hands down more powerful than any of the previous gen platforms, so it sits in between - enough to see that it is a step up - and with the controller - it is a system seller. The Nintendo guys analyzed the market better than most techies do - because we see only specs, power, oh yeahh give me more power... and actually I forgot that the kids don't really give a damn about the accurate physics and high res textures and 512 channel of pure unadulterated sound with 120fps of 1080p smooth graphics. They just don't care. They want the Wiimote and shake it and laugh. And the graphics is good enough to facilitate it, and the sound also. Yep... the Wii is innovative - enough of an upgrade to do new things, low cost to make me squirm at the thought at how to explain to the kids why I would afford the PS3 and not the Wii. Yeah.. these Ninty guys was clever. Really clever this time. I can see the Wii winning this round up to the middle easily. Eventually the PS3 with eyetoy will cause it to not have a right to existence, but by then, Ninty will have made oodles of money while the rest still try to break even. Oh yeah - as an investor Ninty will be a great buy for the next three years. Myself - I am all for the PS3, biased and fan, but I have to admit, can't see myself not getting a Wii.
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