Hey Activision, Are You Paying Attention?

FENIX Bazaar writes: Shockingly, a six-year old game is suddenly one of the most in demand games on Xbox One. Now you could argue that this says more about the Xbox One’s games library than it does about Call Of Duty, but irrespective of the platform, gamers are going to go back and replay good multiplayer games with sizeable and engaged communities. The sudden rebirth of Black Ops on Xbox One demonstrates that you can’t keep a good game down, no matter how many times you hit the dislike button.

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daBUSHwhaka672d ago

Take note everyone who claims BC is irrelevant.Would have preferred COD 4 mind you...

oof46672d ago

Too bad Activision knows many people will buy Infinite to play the remaster.

Goldby670d ago

Thats the inly reason why its being released, to push sales for the new cod and break records not inly on the amount of games purchased but also the amount of $ they make

TwoForce672d ago (Edited 672d ago )

Or Cod fans want boost on the ground.

oof46672d ago

I wonder if this was Activision's sly way of testing the waters.

skulz7671d ago

Activision think that to be innovative you gotta make the newer games sci fi but realistically you can do it without (Battlefield 1), and gamers prefer the older style of cod, as expressed by these numbers and the sheer amount of dislike on infinite warfare

BattleAxe671d ago

The problem that Activision has now, is that since Call of Duty is now on a 3 year development cycle, they can't change with the trends, or what gamers want very quickly. I'm willing to bet that Sledge Hammer's CoD game will be Advanced Warfare 2, and there's no way for them to steer the ship in a different direction by this point, seeing as their game is only a year and a half out by now. This is going to be a major problem for them as long as they keep the 3 year dev cycle.

skulz7671d ago

Very true. That is the problem with annual releases unfortunately.

BattleAxe671d ago

Today when I logged on, there were 98,604 people playing Black Ops online. There are so many people playing it, and so many people who are starting from the first rank, that it feels like a new game all over again. I get into servers where there's literally 8-10 people in the game that are starting out from the bottom rank. It's pretty cool!