Latest Gamer Hater: American Express

Gamertell has posted an opinion piece that calls out American Express as being corporate "gamer haters" for its latest print ad.

From the article:

"The two-page ad has, on one page, the image of a credit card with Galaxian/Space Invaders style imagery on it with the words 'I own the high score' in all caps above it... On the facing page is the image of a gold American Express Business card for Ellin Lavar of Lavar Hair Designs that reads 'I own my own business' above it. Under the card image is a paragraph that begins, 'If you own your business, own the card that says so.'...

The implication here is, of course, that letting people know you play videogames is a sure way to lose business (especially if you own a bakery?). Also notice that AmEx also included the word 'nerd' in the last name of the Double E Bakery card owner."

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