The End Of Summer XBLA

Todd Hargosh of GiN Writes:

"I'm always happier when the summer comes to an end.

Why am I happy at the end? Well let's see. We have the start of football season (in fact at the time of this writing, college football is actually starting,) and in a few weeks I'll be getting ready for hockey and basketball seasons to take off. Then of course there is that little event called VGX that I will once again be covering.(And not to mention that GamerGeeks will be starting our second season in a few weeks, so the fall couldn't come any sooner.)

But with the end of summer, there is also another end that I have to face: and that is the end of an amazing run of titles Microsoft rewarded their fans with. The program was called the "Summer of Arcade," and was a collection of near triple-A, highly anticipated downloadable games that rivaled many retail releases."

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