Pokemon: How to Get Your Free Shiny Yveltal Before Time Runs Out

Find out how to get your free Shiny Yveltal before the promotion ends.

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psyduck706d ago

All these legendary giveaways and events are awesome because everyone can get them, but on the other hand they're kind of lame because then EVERYBODY HAS EVERY LEGENDARY.

Agent_00_Revan706d ago

Legendaries haven't been 'Legendary' in a long time. There's so many of them and most people have entire teams of them.

Mr_Writer85706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

Is that not a way to to get alerts on these give aways? I have missed some!

Majin-vegeta706d ago

Just go to they always have the latest pokemon info.

Mr_Writer85706d ago

I try that but sometimes forget lol

I'm now following serebii on Twitter

RosweeSon706d ago

Move to America? Hasn't come to U.K yet 😢