True Gamer Stories: Torrence Davis

AnalogHype: You heard of True Hollywood Stories, well this is the gaming version of that. Matterfact this concept did not even get born until the end of this interview, you can witness it happen. Why focus on how Paris Hilton rose to fame when you can focus on the gaming o.g.'s speak on there journey in this games industry. I start with Torrence Davis, owner and managing editor of It's alot more to Torrence than what you may think, take a listen and learn. Hear this mans journey and even some regrets.

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blackboyunltd3678d ago

good interview, very entertaining

TheColbertinator3678d ago

I have respect for people who forge their own place in the gaming media and begin different projects.New websites are created and more and more gamers visit those sites to create new gaming communities.

The increase of gaming journalists allows gamers to learn about the many games and developers today.This benefits everyone.

Dark General3678d ago

Wow. Amazing interview. I hope for you to continue with this series, it's a nice breath of fresh air. I never knew the gaming industry used to be like that. Pretty in depth and i have alot of respect for Torrence Davis now. I'm trying to do the same thing myself with getting started with getting into radio and building my contacts in the NFL, CBS and other places.

Spinitus3678d ago

that was a very deep interview. i didn't know Torrence was so old school, and "True Gamer Stories" sounds like a great listen.

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