The Guardian Reviews PlayTV

If you want a basic PVR then the 70 quid is about right but ultimately PlayTV is too restrictive to be recommended.

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paul_war3679d ago

I already have a digital TV recorder, so for me it only would have been worth it if they managed to get FreeSat implemented. However PSM3 said they failed to do this.

psnSkareFace3678d ago

i m still thinking of gettn it but i still would like 2 now the full chanel list

Pricey3678d ago

The reviewer actually recommends it contrary to what is said at the top. He didn't know you can record while playing and adds a comment bellow in the comments section.


" @all - Sony have just been in touch and you CAN record while playing. There will be a message in the final build of the code that will ask you to reboot your PS3 to enable the background recording functionality. This rather important bit of info was missing from the review build I have been using! I'll have a look over the next few days and see what, if any, impact recording has when playing a game but clearly this makes PlayTV are far more interesting proposition. "

so title needs editing.

anh_duong3678d ago

also the reporter didn't know he can back the videos on an exteral drive/xmb and play them without the playtv connected.