White Knight Chronicles is 'Awakening Soon'

SCEJ and Level-5 have both updated their White Knight Chronicles official page, by adding a text under the main front page image, stating that:
"The days of awakening is coming soon".

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TheHater3756d ago

Finally dammit. It been about a year now since we heard anything new about this game.

GamerMan3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I'm been waiting for this game since I seen that huge battle video ages ago. It looks like a sweet RPG and I can't wait.. maybe they will suprise us and release it this December :P

TheHater3756d ago

If that the case, I hope the have english subs on the disk, because I will import it

GamerMan3756d ago

If they had english subs wouldn't that make the localization easier and quicker or am I missing something.

but I would probably import to if it did :)

TheTwelve3756d ago


It's seriously the PS3 game I think I'll most enjoy over and above all PS3 games, since I'm an RPG fan.


Chuck Norris3756d ago

A release date would be good.

Liquid Dust3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I absolutely need this game. Level 5 got me hooked with Dark Cloud 1-2, Rogue Galaxy, and Dragon Quest VIII

Gameplay looked killer months ago, really looking forward to seeing more since it's had some major time to cook. Any information at TGS would be great.

EDIT: GamerMan, you're completely right. I forgot all about Jeanne d'Arc. And I just had it in my PSP last week. Though ive been playin alot of Wipeout to get ready for HD. And you cant forget their Prof Layton series on DS which is pretty good too.

Level 5 is just a great developer

NO_PUDding3756d ago

All you guys. So completely ignroant to what Sony has coming.

Not even in relation to WKS alone.

Ahh, I am in bliss. TGS people, hold it out till then.

GamerMan3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

for Level 5...Jeanne d'Arc, best SRPG by far on the PSP as far as I'm concerned. Yes it had some weak strategy boards but it was unique and very fun. It also was their first SRPG as far as I remember

EDIT:"Prof Layton series on DS which is pretty good too" -- Liquid Dust ... Yeah I keep hearing about it but I don't own a DS.. someone want to loan me a DS and the game.. I'm very intrigued about this game now. :)

TheTwelve3756d ago

I played through and thoroughly enjoyed Jean D'Arc. These guys have style and know what's up.


gaffyh3756d ago

As expected they will probably show this game at TGS, I hope that they announce this game (atleast for Japan) for Christmas 08 and then it should be out everywhere else in early 09 (although if it has eng subs I will probably import it).

Also did anyone else prefer the name White Knight Story? Chronicles sounds cool, but White Knight Story only sounds better.

GamerMan3756d ago

Yes you are correct it used to be White Knight Story -- now it's White Knight Chronicles... I wonder if that was a typo or if they really did change the name during that year of no news of this game ?


Jellzy3756d ago

Games like, Dark Cloud, Dark Cloud 2, and Jeanne d'Arc etc. pushed Sony's consoles to the limit. Lets hope that the same will apply to White Knight Story.

Move over FF, the new kids are in town... ;)

p.s. Dont forget that those Dark Cloud 3 rumours, that have been kicking about. If they are true, then development for WKS cant be far from complete, no?!

Figboy3756d ago

i still refer to it as White Knight Story.

i think they should have kept it. it just rolls off the tongue easier.

Valkyria Chronicles and White Knight Chronicles may confuse the masses, as silly as that seems (hell, people were getting Prototype and inFamous mixed up, and those games are NOTHING alike in any way outside of being sandbox titles).

mfwahwah3756d ago

It's been "Chronicles" for a while now. I really wish it was still White Knight Story though, it sounds SO much better, even if you don't consider Valkyria Chronicles. I'll still call it WKS, I don't care if people think I'm retarded (if those people don't know anything about this game).

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juuken3756d ago

*gets excited*

Why do I have a feeling that TGS is going to be the day White Knight Chronicles finally reveals itself?

Pleeeeeeeease let it be true!

thereapersson3756d ago

See my comment in the Gamer Zone.

BTW, it sucks you got banned to this hell hole (again, lol). Just goes to show that people can't handle a dose of reality! ^_^

juuken3756d ago

Ya got that right. .~.

Dyingduck3756d ago

Desperate Xbots - what can they do but to wait and die a "HOMEless..."

IzKyD13313756d ago

"BTW, it sucks you got banned to this hell hole (again, lol). Just goes to show that people can't handle a dose of reality!"

I know the same feeling, I just got off a TWO WEEK(!) ban from the gamer zone, EVERYTIME I post a comment that talks some sense into 360 fanboys (i.e the truth) I get blasted with -bubbles, disagrees etc.

nieto3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

it's just because he has been swimming in an ocean filled with sausages that think that he's a girl.

i been trolling the gamer zone for some time now and even insulting people and I haven't been banned for some reason. maybe nobody cares about me. ;-(

but I'm trying harder to gain my ban from the open zone properly! ;-D

AngryXbot3755d ago

At least youre not permabanned to the Open zone like I am.

Frikkin nazi mods here are disgusting.

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thereapersson3756d ago

I have a feeling Sony is saving a lot of its big-name projects for TGS. Hell, if they reveal the next Team ICO game AND more info on WKS, i'm sure it will spur some hardware sales soon after.

Can't wait till October!

TOO PAWNED3756d ago

TGS is Japanese event and games you mentioned are made by Japanese studios, so it is natural that they are shown during TGS, thats how it has been for years.

meepmoopmeep3756d ago

well, Level 5 is on the roster for TGS so that's a given.

but maybe we'll be treated to something earlier, let's hope so

Bebedora3756d ago

Ok. This is what I was waiting for the last months of silence. Some info! I will be a green 'troll' as my first character. Called xboxfanboi. <jk>

thereapersson3756d ago

You might wanna edit the last part of that so your comment doesn't get deleted... :)

TOO PAWNED3756d ago

Sony should do everythng in their power to acquire them

UltimateIdiot9113756d ago

Although I love the idea of Sony acquiring Level 5, I still think it should be a second party at most as oppose to first. I love the Professor Layton series and it's damn good on the DS.

Shane Kim3756d ago

As long as they don't do games on xbox or Wii they can be 4th parties.