PS Blog: Day and Night Gameplay for Burnout Paradise

Jeremy Chubb, the Producer at Criterion Games posts on PlayStation blog:

"We're working flat out to bring you yet another free content pack for Burnout Paradise – and this one's the Bike Pack!

If you missed our recent posts, we're trying something new with downloadable content this year. We want to completely change the game we brought you back in January with regular game changing updates. That means more than just a couple of cars and a new level.

For the first time in a Burnout game, we're bringing you motorcycles. We've already talked about the 2 bikes available from Day 1 and some of the bike-specific gameplay that's on the way, but there's more to this pack than that. We're introducing night time to the streets of Paradise City and with it, some unique gameplay."

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MaximusPrime3707d ago

own this game since it first released. I've seen so many changes and yet this new update has to be the best yet.

Can't wait!

Cartesian3D3707d ago

one of the best Supports evar! ..

but for 60 bucks we must get these contents for every game in this generation. but it seems few developers Care about their users.. like this one :)

Overr8ed3707d ago

When is this game going to be up for Download? on the PSN.

MaximusPrime3707d ago

download date has not been officially announced but Criterion aimed it for early Sept.

thereapersson3707d ago

Criterion sure loves working with Playstation hardware. It's just nice to see that they are supporting their games so well.

Rama262853707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Does anyone have any idea when this update is expected? Also, aren't trophies expected for this game?

lordv8der3707d ago

Well if you look at the bottom of the blog post they say

"We’ll be back with more next week – our final post before Bikes go live!"

so i'm guessing within the next 2-3 weeks.

No trophies are not expected in this update of burnout paradise. They will be releasing it shortly after the bike pack, (they are working on it now) plus all trophies will be retroactive! So when it gets released its payday for all of us 102%ers :D

DA_SHREDDER3707d ago

And Ive loved it. The only problem is that its getting old to me , even with all the updates. I think its time to let this one go for awhile. Midnight Club LA is coming in one month. I hope that gets me back into the racing genre.

psnSkareFace3707d ago

1 thing i think it should hav had from the start but should b gd

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