Siren: Blood Curse Remaster Possibly Coming to the PS4

Cult PS3 horror game Siren: Blood Curse could make its way to the PS4 after being recently rated for South Korea.

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SuberMedic937d ago

Hope this rumours turns out to be true!

Dir_en_grey936d ago

This game deserves a disk release and revisit. Hopefully they add more stuff to it since I've played it on PS3 multiple times, but I will buy it either way

SonyStyled936d ago

It did have a physical release, just not in NA. I never played it because I wanted a physical copy and wasn't going to spend $40 for an import

bouzebbal936d ago

The most scary and disturbing game i have ever played..
Hoping it's true

Burrito26a936d ago

Right. The only bad part about this game was having to download 9 separate chapters.

BrianOBlivion936d ago

@ SonyStyled
I paid even more to import from Japan to Canada. No regrets. I'd buy a remaster for it in a heartbeat too.

NotEvenMyFinalForm937d ago

this game was so good. My only complaint is that it was divided into episodes and they were too short.

OpenGL936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

This would be interesting to see, I imagine most PS3 owners never played this as it was a download-only title in the west and released pretty early in the PS3's life. If I recall correctly it was the largest downloadable game on the PS3 or 360 at the time of its release in 2008, at around 9.1GB. I enjoyed the game but was a little disappointed that trophy support was never added.

Venox2008936d ago

I had a disc version of it on ps3..

Ontopic: please be such an amazimg game.. i wouldnt mind a new game as well

OpenGL936d ago

It launched as a digital title first in the West, you either have a Japanese version or you purchased it later.

Kleptic936d ago

Was it the biggest? It was episodic, too, right? I own it on PSN still, but haven't played it since right around release. I thought it released in stages or something.

Hold_It936d ago

Haven't played it. How does it compare to Silent Hill, Original Resident Evil games (1,2,3,CV), or Dino Crisis?

sdcard4gb936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

Well... Siren series was created by the very same man who developed the first Silent Hill (which is also about cults, otherworldly creatures and societies cut from the main world)... It has a very japanese style of horror storytelling as in, for example, the fact that the game constantly changes characters and makes all of their actions seem intertwined in the very same time space... Gameplay-wise it is more of a stealth horror game, mostly because fighting is really hard most of the time... The, uh, main enemies of the series "shibito" are... Well... It's kinda easy and hard to explain at the same time, I suppose watching this will be a better option -

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The story is too old to be commented.