Review of Mercenaries 2 in OPM

GameTrailers user Spallen has uploaded scans of the world's first review of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames for the PS3 & Xbox 360.

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thereapersson3707d ago

I'll give this one a rental and see how it plays out. I loved the first one on my PS2 (played it all the time), so it's nice to see them bringing it into the next-gen. It's a shame they didn't do more with the gameplay, but the basic formula is still fun so I know i'll at least get some enjoyment out of it.

Plus the nuclear bomb is worth the little bit of time spent with the game in itself!

RadientFlux3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I loved the first one as well, though I played it on the xbox. I actually preferred it to GTA series last gen. Also it was one of the rare good games that came out in January.

kevnb3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I'm never too interested in review scores, but it did seem a bit too much exactly like the previous installment for my wallet. I might enjoy it as a rental since I loved the first one though.

anh_duong3707d ago

would have purchased this little baby if it had offline coop..

Julie3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Guys, where are the scans?, so i can read the review too
The ones from the forum was taken down :(
Thx in advance :3

Mr_Bun3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I thought that it does have offline co-op...I read somewhere that it has split-screen co-op.

Edit:"Co-op Multiplayer: Whether split-screen or online you no longer have to go it alone. Invite a friend to jump in and help you fight your way to the top."

Here is the link:

It is under "Features"

Ghoul3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

having the game here in my playstation i can say that it feels a lil half baked, its fun and all but the controlls and stuff isnt that great tbh. it feels like Just Cause with destructables.

EDIT testing the split sccreen coop hold on

SORRY mate no offline split screen coop mode, dbl checked every menu :(

Mr_Bun3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Thanks for the heads-up about the split screen...that sucks...that is a definite let down!

Bubbles for your help!

Martini3707d ago

This is what happens when EA gobbles up developers - they acquired Pandemic after the first Merc. game and they also got Dice after Battlefield Modern Combat. Know we have two sequels to a great games (Mercenaries 2 and BFBC)that are half baked.

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InMyOpinion3707d ago

Usually don't say this but...Fu(k 'em!

beavis4play3707d ago

7 is pretty much what i expected from this game. it wasn't a purchase for me. these kinds of games tend to get old fast.

InMyOpinion3707d ago

Did you play the first one?

InMyOpinion3707d ago

From what I've seen in trailers it looks like a 9/10. If it's anything like the first one it's bound to be one h3ll of an enjoyable game. Stupid reviewers...

Cartesian3D3707d ago

some reviewers expecting TOO much from next-gen titles.. imo adding nex-gen graphics and some new features is enough for most of the original games like this..

Fans of the series will love this one too .. (hope so)

dachiefsman3707d ago

agreed while I probably am not going to buy this one, I am definitely going to rent. The first one was a blast and this one looks as though it followed suit.

ChampIDC3707d ago

From what I've seen, it looks loads better than the first one. I can't imagine any fan of the first not liking it.

360 man3707d ago

i clocked the first one aroun 5 times

da british asian women is da one

DaTruth3707d ago

I'll say that too. Every game can't be MGS4. I saw this and was thinking; no cover system, graphics look last gen, but then I think I might be a little spoiled and I would probably still play the first one.
So if there are any improvements it's worth a buy.

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RealityCheck3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Reading the review, it sounds a bit like the reviewer was tired of playing games as a whole (rushing to meet review deadlines, not really playing for fun). Several places it says things like it's a lot of fun, undeniable joy... but in the end the score is low because it's too familiar and repetitive... You just said earlier you had fun, isn't that the point of gaming? People like that just need to step away from gaming for a while, go play any sport (like tennis, how repetitive and familiar is that?) and then come back to gaming later and refreshed.

ThanatosDMC3706d ago

Did it say anything about how online coop was handled? I want to know if the servers are dedicated or laggy. I hope they used PSN servers...

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