IncGamers: Too Human Review

A game that's been waiting for almost ten years is bound to produce something good, surely.

The guys at IncGamers have had a crack at the game and outline their thoughts and feelings on what it is that make and break the game.

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Leord3707d ago

Jeez. That's harsh.

I'm not buying that game!

deeznuts3707d ago

I'm a PS3 fan more so than 360, just becaues I've had it longer (oh and I love my quiet bluray player!) but ultimately I like games. So I would be the first to say, eff this game. But Give it a try if you can, it isn't that bad.

Perfect? No. Great? No. But it is a love hate thing. Camera can piss you off at times.

Wuushu3707d ago

4.5.. damn that's low :S

syrinx3707d ago

I have to agree with this, it really is poo.

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The story is too old to be commented.