FIFA 09 First Ever Review - OPM UK

The latest edition of the Official Playstation Magazine UK has reviewed FIFA09. Hit the jump now to find the pages, scanned by GameTrailers user Spallen.

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sonarus3732d ago

I was afraid of this. Will i be torn between fifa and pes this yr?

Fishy Fingers3732d ago

I'm the same. I'll wait on some PES reviews. While Fifa has always had the better visuals (or at least in recent years) and PES 08 was terrible I've still always preferred it's gameplay.

Guess it boils down to what my mates buy to.

Will_Smith3732d ago

me too... which to choose.

~Fresh Prince of Bell Air available on DVD seasons 1-4

Ghoul3732d ago

my first fifa im going to buy after years, ps3 version that is :D

Rama262853732d ago

I'm torn on which to get also. I think which one my mates get will affect me also.

I got PES last year, but the presentation of the offline (the stuttering gameplay) and the complete and utter disgrace which they tried to call online play really left a bad taste with me. I traded it in and got Fifa which I have to say wasn't half bad! In fact, I've put many hours into it and I feel as it's something you can really trust to do what it's supposed to. Never had any problems and don't expect to.

I'm certainly leaning towards Fifa, even before this review, simply because of how bad I felt towards PES last year. I don't think I could buy PES on launch day again without a mass of good reviews for the offline and online part of things.

micro_invader3732d ago

Easy choice for me. FIFA. I never got into any of the pes games, I tried the O8 demo but it just didn't seem right to me.

sonarus3732d ago

PES 08 with its crap online was still better than fifa. If PES can fix their online issues then thats what i will be buying.

Fifa has improved a lot but on the core gameplay front it still isn't PES

SolidSnake933732d ago

It's getting harder to stay with PES.

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unamed083732d ago

EA Sports have done an extraordinary job on is time i give up on PES and move on with this glorious football game.

Harry1903732d ago

Just like me, except I did that last year.

Jamegohanssj53732d ago

I guess EA did a load of improving on the game this year, but you guys must wait to see about PES first before moving over to FIFA. When does PES come out anyway? I'm pretty sure in America it will be a while, but I don't play Soccer games anyway. I played the demo of 2008 FIFA and it was OK, but I would have preferred a full game instead of playing kick ball with Ronaldo.


resistance1003732d ago

I will wait on a demo.

They can add all these features which no one will use, but if they still fail to deliver on the core gameplay and still use a shooting system which feels fake and pre-set, as well as having goalies being able to make unrealistic saves.

I won't buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.