The Case Against "Superstar Developers"

Thomcult: Everyone who has their hand in the production of a title obviously has a right to be credited for their work. The deliberate exclusion of those whom have since left a production team, or inclusion of senior management who have played no real role could quite easily be argued as one of the industry's shadier practices and something, for the sake of its integrity, that should be put to a stop.

Trouble arises though when trying to reconcile the duty a company has to its employees and its positioning strategy. There has been a lot of debate in the industry surrounding the emergence of a class of "superstar developers" and whether it is (or they are) beneficial for the industry.

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pwnamon3733d ago

Allthough games like Gears of War and Mario suck without Cliffy B and Shigsy, you need to remember theres more to the development teams than just them.

Atomic3733d ago

there's the "visionary" like Kojima and Miyamoto.
there's the "poseur" like Cliffy B.
there's the "loser" like Dyack.

sajj3163733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

First of all .. Cliff B is an ex developer turned Game Designer/Director at Epic. Before you turn this guy into a 'SuperStar', he needs to design more games that become hits! And no ... Jazz Jackrabbit was not a hit :)

The real talent are those guys that are ignored when reading credits after completing a game!

Diamondwolf3733d ago

bubbles for j00 my friend!