Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Reviews Start to Come Out for PS3/Xbox/Wii

The first couple of review scores for Star Wars: the Force Unleashed have made it's way onto the interwebs thanks to and forums...

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InMyOpinion3732d ago

Don't care what they think. Loved the demo. Do want.

witchking3732d ago

The demo was fun, force powers are a blast.

Quite frankly, this is the same as Too Human for me. I loved the demo, I bought and played through the game already. Loved it. One of the best 360 games, in my opinion.

I'm beginning to think that developers ought to depend on demos more often. I'd rather depend on my own judgement than that of an opinionated reviewer whom I don't even know.

Masta_fro3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Downloaded the demo on my ps3 and really enjoyed it. Graphics aren't as good as they should have been, but the gameplay is sweet.

Saber combos and force grabs are nice...and even though it could use some polishing, some of the scenery shown at the end of the demo look really creative and interesting.

Should be a solid 7.5-8 (at least from what I've seen)

athlon7703732d ago

I agree, I played the demo through 3 times already. I agree with some of the comments below that state the gameplay is a bit on the easy side, but this is just a demo after all and not ment to show what the whole game is to be like.

I guess I went in with a more open mind than a lot of you, I thought the graphics were great on the PS3 side. Granted, nothing earth shattering, but a lot better than Turok or even Haze. Everything was very fluid and at no point in my playthroughs did I fight the cameras.

Is this a first day purchase for, but it will be a purchase or possibably a Christmas present.

bpac1234567893732d ago

im surprised it got such low scores, i had a lot of fun playing the demo and im not a huge starwars fan. i might just have to rent the game and determine for myself whether it is good or not.

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eddieblueyes3732d ago

i was excited before now that i´ve already play the demo(ps3)i just cant wait!!!we control our guy easelly,the powers are awsome to use and beautiful to watch,it´s a win/win/win situation!!!in the past i bougth and played starwars games and some were just to dam dificult to play!losted all the fun!some like "revenge of sith"i played with some cheats help,it was too dificult!!!i have this fear about this game,it would just kill it,but in the demo it was awsome!!!i will certanly buy it!

Prismo_Fillusion3732d ago

The demo was fun. I'll be interested to see the level-up system though. If the game has the demo's gameplay (which it obviously does) and a leveling system that makes me feel more powerful as the game progresses, this will really be an enjoyable experience.

jtucker783732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"The Nintendo Power review also gave it a 7.5/10 saying, “You can hack and slash with your lightsaber, which isn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped.” Isn’t that the only reason why we would buy that version?"


On a serious note: Why did Nintendo keep Motion Plus a secret from Third Parties?

Especially where lightsaber duels are involved!
Lightsaber duels with a Non-Motion Plus Wii-mote ... Oh dear.

rogimusprime3732d ago

it would be more satisfying if the lightsaber actually maimed storm troopers like in Jedi outcast. It doesn't have to be Gears gory....I know lucas is a hippie, but at least cut off a few arms and heads. I IS a LIGHTSABER, right?

micro_invader3732d ago

Agreed. That would be so much more satisfying.

felidae3732d ago

the demo on ps3 kicks a$$.

i'll rent it for sure

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