Homefront: The Revolution Director Addresses Development Difficulties in End-Game Message

Homefront: The Revolution's game director, Hasit Zala, delivers a heartfelt message about the game's messy history with a pre-credits letter to the player.

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chaos999577d ago

In short: "Sorry if the game is shit"

577d ago
Dario_DC577d ago

I still can't believe this crap passed PS4/XBOX1 quality control!! It's broken and runs like utter crap.
With games like Doom out this is just unacceptable.

SuicideKing577d ago

Hopefully they keep updating and fix it. I haven't played it but I am interested in Homefront and would be willing to pick it up in the future when it is on sale.

Dario_DC577d ago

It runs really bad and looks bland(to say the least). I tried it at the gaming store next to me (micromania) and I stopped playing 5 minutes after, horrible game IMO.

Ark_577d ago

They made the best out of that mess I guess: If one doesn't exspect polished AAA, there seems to be some solid fun and action.

SolidGear3577d ago

I'll get it once it's fully patched

joab777577d ago

We all knew this was coming. I'll feel bad for the IP b/c the 1st one had a solid foundation and a fresh take on mp. Oh well.

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