Will Activision be Forced to Reprint Call of Duty: Black Ops After the Resurgence in Sales?

The demand is actually so high in game retailers in the UK that stores that sell new and used copies of the game are completely out of stock. For a game that was originally released back in 2010, that’s certainly very impressive and might force Activision into reprinting the game...

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TheGreatGamer707d ago

EA did it with Skate 3 back in 2014, doesn't seem that far-off thinking to me personally lol

iTechHeads707d ago

Did you forget Xbox 360 is being discontinued?
That means no Xbox 360 stock at retailers, including games.

Unspoken707d ago

No need to reprint digital copies. Yet another reason to go digital.

MRMagoo123707d ago ShowReplies(11)
iTechHeads707d ago

Doubt it.
Microsoft is discontinuing Xbox 360 so there won't be ANY 360 games getting reprints.

They have these games available as digital downloads for those that can't find a used copy in stores.

YinYangGaming707d ago

I don't think that changes anything. Even new games are still being released on the 360, seems to stand there's no reason why reprints won't happen if demand continues to be as strong as it is for physical copies

707d ago
BossBattle707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

They might. Activision loves money and opportunities.

phoenix_dusk707d ago

This site is so obsessed with BC. Lol

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XBgamer707d ago

And for good reason because BC adds far more to gaming than any console is right now and only Xbox1 is offers this feature.
Can't see Activision reprinting the discs because the game is cheap enough on Xbox store to buy digital right now.

BattleAxe707d ago

It's the best feature you can have on a console. It feels great to be able to play some of my all time favorite FPS games like Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Black Ops. Its nice to be able to play some of the games that I didn't get to play last gen also like Gear of War 1, 2, 3, and Judgement.

This generation hasn't been quite as good as last gen with my experience on PS3, but Titanfall was great, The Master Chief Collection was awesome, Gears of War Re-mastered is a lot of fun, Halo 5 is fantastic, and Rise of the Tomb Raider was amazing. I still need to play Sunset Overdrive, but there are just too many other games that I'm playing right now.

The one thing about this generation, is that there has been no shortage of games to play, regardless of what platform you're playing on.

jer1122707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Dont get why people just dont go buy digital version it's 10 bucks on Xbox live right now. Seems like that would solve the problem I don't think they're going to reprint the disc . Xbox is advertising the digital version on the front page so that's probably their solution to this

Aenea707d ago

Exactly, a reprint of a game that only costs 10 as a digital download? Yeah, no, not gonna happen...

TwoForce707d ago

I don't know about Activision.

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