16 HD Killzone 2 multiplayer screenshots writes:"Here are 16 new Killzone 2 multiplayer screenshots in HD. Killzone 2 looks fantastic and after looking at the following screenshots you will think so too."

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DarK-SilV3707d ago

This makes gears of war look like crap, look how much realistic those shots

Dyingduck3707d ago

So nice makes Gears2 look like a PS1 game

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3707d ago

That's a bit Harsh, i'd say 'Gears 2' looks like a 'N64' game at least!!! ;-D

WOW!!! Looks AMAZING!!! ;-P

Dyingduck3707d ago



ROFL by the time this game released, 33% of the original Crapbox will RRODed because the warranty expires this September...

HOW SAD is that?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3707d ago

+The only other thing that looks as good as this is your 'Avatar' photo ;-P ;-P ;-P

Mr Bot3707d ago

very sad, but we the bots will not give up on MS and will buy new 360's to help MS sales and sucking our money! MS did promise us to give us "the most reliable console ever made" according to Mr Bill Gates!!
but that was 1 year ago and the RROD is still here!!!

Mr Bot

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THC CELL3707d ago

this makes gears looks crap compressed to dvd etcetc

i bet if gears was on ps3 now it would look better than killzone

xhi43707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

my god.



That looks friken unbelievable!! Can't wait to get my paws on this baby!!!!! I can't get over how even in multiplayer it still looks like CG! ahhh can't wait!

mesh13707d ago

no variation in enviroments comfirmed ,low textures confirmed,reused textures confirmed, this game is nothing special.

thereapersson3707d ago

How did Mesh get released into the gamer zone?

pp3707d ago

Gears of war 2 slightly looks better than killzone2 its the sad truth

thereapersson3707d ago

Your sad fanboy crusading is just pathetic. When you sit and type the things you do, think about just who exactly will believe anything you have to say.

No one comes to mind? That's because that is how many people around here believe you are ever serious. Lose your bubbles, and get a life!

Ghoul3707d ago

one thing should give you reason to think about your statement.

Killzone screen (ingame screengrabs in 720p and stunning)
gears 2 screens (bullshots fromt he dev pc version in 1920x1200 + 8AA (about) and it still cant beat kz2s visuals.)

juuken3707d ago

I am sorry little wee wee.

Killzone 2 slaughters Gears 2.

Mr Bot3707d ago

he is just planning with us, no one should bother to reply to him because thats what he wants, just make the same comments under someone else!!

IzKyD13313707d ago

sorry pp, denial is the first step, the next is acceptance

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Ghoul3707d ago

I have an appointment with my doctor the day the game arrives to make sure a defibrilator is in reach when i play the game ^^

thereapersson3707d ago


Don't worry, the visuals are shocking enough to jump start your heart... :)

Ghoul3707d ago

hahah yeah probably :) maybe its enough to sit on my subwoofer the wholetime so whenever i pass out the next gunshot brings me back :)

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