Millions of young Chinese addicted to 'unhealthy' Internet games: report

Yahoo writes: "Around four million Chinese youngsters are addicted to the Internet, mainly attracted by "unhealthy" online games, state media reported Friday, citing a top legislator.

"Internet-addicted teenagers" account for around 10 percent of China's Web users under the age of 18, the Beijing Times said, quoting Li Jianguo, a vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, or parliament.

The committee has called for stricter monitoring of Internet games that have illegal or inappropriate content, the report said."

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PoSTedUP3733d ago

gaming IS unhealthy when you just sitting there doing nothing, no exercise, no blood circulation, eating junk food or just food in general, your body becomes weak from the lack of muscle movement. its really sad man. people died from playing WoW which is horrible.

i play ALOT of video games but i eat healthy on top of that and exercise alot. it helps to increase blood circulation if you keep your legs up or elevated in a recliner or something.

DavidMacDougall3732d ago

Its there choice , there live .

SaiyanFury3732d ago

Which is why I exercise over an hour a day in addition to my daily routines.

Kinetix3732d ago

I've always thought video games were unhealthy but after reading what "unhealthy" means to the Chinese government it seems kind of obvious why they would care so much about the "health" of some gamers.

Relcom3732d ago

you might choose game over life

mbmonk3732d ago

Milliions = 0.1% of China's population. I would say.. not a big deal. Move along!

InMyOpinion3732d ago

Are you saying chinese people aren't as important as other people just because there's more of them? lol!

season0073732d ago

I think he is saying percentage wise there are more unhealthy internet gamers in the United States...

FantasyStar3732d ago

Yup, It's a saying my teacher told me. China is OVERPOPULATED.

Zinny3732d ago

It's not like you can say to them "get out side in the fresh air". Most times its "stay inside due to heavy smog".

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