Stalker: Clear Sky - Enormous system requirements for max. DX10 quality

PCGH had the chance to check a final version of Stalker Clear Sky:

The system requirements of Stalker: Clear Sky vary widely depending on the chosen settings: From a P4 with 2.0 GHz to the Core 2 Duo E8500 and from a Radeon 9600 to a HD 3870 X2 almost everything is represented.

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bumnut3759d ago

they are not too bad, stalker has always been a demanding game.

my pc will run this very well

personGR3759d ago

Well I can run the game with optimal settings, since i dont have vista installed

thereapersson3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

But good lord! Extreme settings require 4GB of RAM *and* Vista!

I'm still not upgrading to Vista just yet. XP Professional serves me just fine, and since I have PAE enabled i'm about to buy another 2 GB of RAM, bringing my total GB up to 4.

I'll hold out till next year, or around the holidays to upgrade my video card. I've got an 8800GT overclocked edition and I run the original Stalker on maximum everything. I need to hurry up and beat it so I can play this.

z1ck3759d ago

great my new 1500 euros desktop will run fine the Extreme requirements ^^ ( will get the computer in a week )

JDW3759d ago

I can currently handle optimal settings and perhaps in the future I can have extreme settings after I upgrade.

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