Call of Duty: Black Ops Proves Sceptics Wrong About The Popularity Of Backwards Compatibility

Yesterday, Call of Duty: Black Ops became available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility and since then it has absolutely exploded. The game has received a lot of media buzz and attention from big CoD youtuber’s and it has climbed the charts by 1000’s of spots; proving sceptics wrong over the popularity of backwards compatibility

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Majin-vegeta707d ago

Lol unless we get actual numbers of how many people are actually playing it through the X1 it doesnt disapprove nothing.And if BC was so popular like certain people claim then why isnt thw X1 out selling the PS4??Thats right cuz most dont care at this point.

nX707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Most don't even have the time to play games they already played. My current backlog consists of at least thirty games and from those around ten released in 2016. One must be pretty bored or poor to care about Black Ops 1 at this point, but Xboyz will claim anything if it fits their agenda. I'm still wondering where the 'powah of da cloud' went all of a sudden...

gangsta_red707d ago

Interesting facts we have here. So people must be bored or poor to care about Black Ops, a game that is still being played this day. I never knew this to be true but thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Exactly what are the Xboyz claiming? Because all I'm reading is you and Majin promoting that "most" don't care about BC and that "most" don't have time to play games already played and yet these articles suggest otherwise.

Could it be that those 'most' are a select 'few' that only own a PS4 like you two?

"I'm still wondering where the 'powah of da cloud' went all of a sudden..."

Do you stop and wonder about that in-between those thirty games you must be really bored to keep wondering about that.

Eonjay707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Doesn't it say more about Black Ops than about BC on Xbox One. After all, but the logic of this article, every Xbox One BC game would be jumping thousands of spots. The idea of this being proof of the BC popularity is a logical fallacy.

A logical statement would be: This is proof that Call of Duty Black Ops is still popular.

nX707d ago

You do realize that the numbers reported here are not even 1% of the user base?

johndoe11211707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

@gansta red

Here's the important thing that you, the clueless "journalist" and everyone else using this to hype backward compatibility is completely missing. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the popularity or importance of BC, it has to do with the popularity and impact of COD and the cod franchise. One game, this one game in the plethora of bc released games so far has experienced this massive surge and all of a sudden backward compatibility is the new in thing? You guys need to look at how many people are ordering infinity warfare just to get their hands on MW1 remastered. What, does that make remasters the best thing since sliced bread all of a sudden? this is the type of "journalism" that has stopped me from visiting 90% of gaming sites anymore. It is a classic example of a writer talking out of his *** and trying to frame a narrative that doesn't exist.


Ok, just read eonjay's comment and he beat me to the punch.

spwittbold707d ago

Well I am pretty bored with my PS4.

_-EDMIX-_707d ago

Agreed. As someone that still owns my PS3, I have a backlog of PS4 games I still need to play as well as PS3, I just don't think I would care all that much about BC if on PS4 as I haven't played my PS3 in a few weeks. I might after E3 if Red Dead 3 is announced though as I was currently playing Red Dead 2.

Its not a bad feature, but nothing to write home about. Those saying its one of the best things this generation, is like saying me owning my PS3 or 360 is better then owning a PS4 or XONE.....

I mean.....that seems a bit of an exaggeration if you ask me lol I still have TONS of old PS3 games to play, but my PS4 backlog is getting pretty high.

Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Gravity Rush remaster, currently playing Shadow Of Mordor, a friend let me borrow AC Unity, haven't touched it yet, still playing Fallout 4, haven't even gotten Firewatch yet and I Am Setsuna and No Man Sky are coming soon. Not saying my old PS3 backlog isn't any good as I have lots to play for a while, but I also have lots to play this current gen too.

I got to say, my PS4 backlog is much more interesting to go through at the moment then some of my PS3 games. I mean....I did get a PS4 for a reason and I'm sure many got a XONE for a reason. I could never say I got either solely for playing last gen games.

Why even get it if that is its sole purpose for purchasing? Why not just keep you're 360's and wait til a XONE price drop?

Nothing wrong with BC, just that I'm not seeing it as this ace reason to buy either platform.

Titles like Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Shadow Of Mordor etc, those are great enough reasons and I know of very little gamers currently that have even beaten ALL of the top games that have released. lol, someone is always missing some ace titles lolz.

Dying Light, Titanfall, Far Cry Primal, Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Watchdogs the list goes on, there are always a bunch of games to play this gen, enough that I'm not sure I see BC THAT much of a big deal. I mean...unless someone has played all the top games this gen.

I sure haven't.

Unspoken707d ago

There's no doubt about the popularity of Blops, but if those folks really wanted to play it they could have purchased an older console.

So with that said, yes, BC is a very useful feature to have when wanting to play older titles and this proves it.

Just way too many upset Sony fans attempting to down play this significant feature. I still enjoy revisiting favorite titles if a remaster hasn't been released and apparently so do many others.

gamer9707d ago

Sony fans, y’all crack me up. TEN dollars to go back to cod when cod was still good. And re-live that nostalgia. And not have to dust off the 360. And not have to move off the couch to switch discs. Sorry but this is awesome. And if it was on PS4 it’d be the greatest thing ever

t-hall785706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

Listen bc isn't the primary reason to buy an x1. We all know that. But it definitely adds to the total package. I sold my 360. I dont know why i see comments in here of people saying "I'll just buy a ps3" smh. Bc saves me power (i already have a x1, ps4, pc. Dont need more consoles hooked up) space, and time. Also all the games i missed last gen, i can get a chance to go back to them. I got alan wake for free. Never played it on 360. So not only is bc a great convenience, but i get 2 free games a month to top it off.

You guys wanna know what the alternative is? PSnow...

One thing i can for damn sure promise is I'll never never go there for bc. Its ok sony only guys. The x1 wins this category "deal with it" and quit crying on the internet and asking for numbers lol.

Nivekki706d ago

'I'm still wondering where the 'powah of da cloud' went all of a sudden...'

I'm wondering what the hell that has to do with the topic.

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Septic707d ago

Lol so X1 has to outsell PS4 for BC to be considered a feature being used by many people. Okay got it 👌

Rookie_Monster707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Right, just like Ext HDD, getting AAA XB1 and X360 BC titles with Games with Gold, the Elite Controller option, EA Access option, and 1080p streaming with Windows 10.

Those are not as popular as internal HDD option, paying to rebuy emulated titles from two gen ago, paying to stream last gen games, 720p max steaming and Shareplay as PS4 has more users; thus every feature on it is popular and we don't need numbers to back those up...just because...

It is true, Septic. Majin is speaking the truth. /S

jeromeface707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

If I wanted to play old games, I'd just buy the old system. Microsoft adding BC is just a cop out to pad their pitiful library. I'll take new, next-gen first and third party games all day long. Have fun living in 2008 xbots.

707d ago
objdadon707d ago

Nope, it just says that people like black ops.

DragonbornZ707d ago

Yeah these guys are ridiculous. They really need to stop being so petty.

Stereotypical_gamer707d ago


Would you guys please shut up about your elite controller. Scuff controllers are of higher quality for a better price so stop pretending like xbox has the market cornered on controllers with buttons on the back.

Aenea707d ago

Ahhh, there's the rookie we know!

Unspoken707d ago

Nope, it just says that people love the fact they can play Black Ops again on their new console without having to waste money on the older console.

Much better to consolidate have all your games on one console. Too many idiots out and about on this back wards compatibility debate, if I can even be called that. They need some peanut butter with all that jelly.

Dlacy13g706d ago

@jeromeface that is the dumbest argument I have seen on N4G in a long time and i have seen many but that one ranks up there. Congrats.

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YinYangGaming707d ago

I'm a more PlayStation favoured gamer but come on how can you damage control like that Majin?

Frinker707d ago

He makes me ashamed to be a Playstation fan

christocolus707d ago (Edited 707d ago )


"And if BC was so popular like certain people claim then why isnt thw X1 out selling the PS4?"

Wow. what a naive comment

707d ago
Rookie_Monster707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

"Gameplay statistics on the multiplayer saw an increase from around 18000 players to over 80000 players concurrently worldwide on the game since it became Backwards Compatible."

62,000 additional X360 console Black Ops players suddenly decided to play the game online on the day Black Ops was made BC on XB1. Very possible. :D

Oschino1907707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Do you really think this is more then a temporary boost to population and sales?

Do you really think this would have even happened if they had full backwards compatibility and the other top requested games were all available?

Do you really think this would have happened if X1 had any top rated popular exclusives games released recently?

Do you really think 1 single BC game doing abnormally well with no current BC competition is indicative of the general popularity of BC?

Are we gonna see you and the delusional gang every time they slowly trickle out other top requested games and they temporarily sell well and have a population boost?

Are we going to see you and the delusional gang acknowledge when the sales and population inevitably sharply decline before the next top requested BC is even announced?

Are you and the delusional gang going to still bring up PS4 players "needing" to rebuy old games when many of you are all bragging about rebuying an old game?

I just don't understand why you and the delusional gang are trying so so so hard to blow all of this way out of proportion just to say "I told you so". It's like the Crackdown reveal last year but even more pathetic because this is about old games.

No one that's intelligent is saying BC is a bad thing, more so what's the true context and how relevant is it really. Crackdown may be a great game but when you have tons of fanboys claiming it's the be all end all trump card because of a demo running on an enclosed network at a gaming show well over a year before release... Well that's illogical, irrational, delusional and just plain stupid thing to say especially since the utilization of the cloud which also was blown way out of proportion is taking close to 3+ years to come to fruition.

Most Ps4 fans and fanboys aren't claiming PsNow or Streaming to other devices is the be all end all, it's simply a nice option for the people interested which isn't the majority. Those services took time to get going and still have plenty more to do but people aren't blowing it's impact out of proportion claiming it's the best thing since sliced bread.

SirJoJo707d ago

@ Oschino1907
Ah ha ha haaaa! Who gets so work up about nothing wright such a load of horse excrement, like seriously who LMAO!!

Unspoken707d ago

This guy is in straight denial.

magiciandude707d ago

Most people don't care at this point, but at the same time spend their spare time downplaying the feature in every damn article about it... Uh, what sense does that make?

gangsta_red707d ago

"And if BC was so popular like certain people claim then why isnt thw X1 out selling the PS4??Thats right cuz most dont care at this point."

Wow, that logic!! C'mon Majin, tell the truth...even you paused for a second and told yourself that stupid statement would never fly before hitting "ADD" right?

TwoForce707d ago

Seriously ? Are you for real ?

2pacalypsenow707d ago

Cant compare the two like that

lastking95707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

You and nx give ps fans a bad name.
How so? Please enlighten us.

Liqu1d707d ago

You, Septic, Rookie, Gangsta, Makemyeyesrain, Free_Fro give Xbox fans a bad name.

gangsta_red707d ago


My name was on the street!?! When we bounce from this sh** here, we gonna go down to those corners and let them peoples know that word did not get back to me...let 'em know Gangsta will step to any mutha*****, Liqu1d, Rainslacker, Stogz, whoever....MY NAME IS MY NAME!

poppinslops707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

@liquid - They do have a certain belligerent persistence that can get annoying, but that's the case with pretty much all of N4G's 'lifers'... that said, their ability to take abuse is downright admirable.

Personally, I think the Rise of the Tomb Raider murder/rape/bomb threats, along with the recent reactions to Uncharted's 'bad' reviews demonstrate a level of knee-jerk phsychosis unique to the 'PlayStation Nation'... I think the worst thing I've seen from the Xbox community was that guy who was 'threatening' to sell his xbox because Quantum Break was on PC.

@Gangsta - you're not helping!

Septic707d ago

I give Sony fanboys a bad name. This is true 😂

Rookie_Monster707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

"You, Septic, Rookie, Gangsta, Makemyeyesrain, Free_Fro give Xbox fans a bad name."

Who the heck is Makemyeyesrain? Did you just created fictional Xbox fans on N4G now since you can't find more than 5? LMAO

Anyways, I can make a list for PS4 fans too that gives PS4 fans a bad name, but instead of names that can be counted on one hand, I'll need 10 pages worth to list them all so I am just going to list two..starting with you Sir.

3,264. Majin-vegeta

GrubsterBeater707d ago (Edited 707d ago )


You know damn well who Makemyeyesrain is. That's your other account, remember?

You have been called out on it before, and your subtle "who is that, you making up names now?" just proves that you are trying to make yourself seem like not only do you not know who it is, but it definitely couldn't be you.

That's what I think, and that's what others think too.

Rookie, you are the worst troll on this site that does his hardest to ensure you retain this image of being unbiased, with a level headed opinion because you "own a PS4".

You give XBox gamers a bad name. Not GangstaRed. (Freefro is pretty bad though) You, Rookie. The only one worse than you is whatever name Aussiegamer goes by now, because he is off the wall insane and delusional. The only difference between you two is that you hide behind this phony veil of unbiased bull$#*@.

MachuchalBrotha316707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

@ Liqu1d, How so? They bring some substance to most discussions. So I will disagree with your seniment.

@Gangsta Red, woop..woop...

maniacmayhem707d ago

I think Gangsta, Rookie and Septic kick all sorts of ass.

Never heard of the other two though but if you don't like them. then that means they're alright.

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Frinker707d ago

Pathetic damage control, yet again

blackout707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Wow, to read your comment its just pathetic. What worng with free BC. I know its something pc has and now Microsoft. To downplay something with sales is stupid. Enjoy your Ps4 and your new paywall for BC gaming. Ill take mine for FREE.

707d ago
Utalkin2me707d ago


It's doesn't matter guy. It's a opinion anyways, who cares.

707d ago
hardcorehenry707d ago

lets be real here... you'll cling to your pathetically destroyed cover until you're a puddle of blood and lead. BC is clearly something people are interested in. As far as I'm aware its been that way for a long time.

iTechHeads707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

People fail to understand and will keep repeating this over and over again.

Kinda useless to try and argue. You will be accused of being a fanboy.

EDIT: At the comment available about only poor people playing old games like Black Ops. It's a harsh way of saying but it is true. Either that or they are the most extreme casual gamers ever to be playing such an old game and still not get bored. I doubt anyone that has access to something like Black Ops 3 would play the original instead. Not for long.

lastking95707d ago (Edited 707d ago )

Rofl yet people get moist at the sheer idea of a remaster. BO3 doesnt even play like 1 or 2. Advance warfare, bo3 and infinite are why people are hyped for BO1 BC so they can play the glory days of CoD and not a shelling titanfall wanna be. If anything BO3 only made them want to play BO1 even more do to them not liking the direct the game took. Living the glory days playing your favs is why so many creamed at the FF remake. Why would ps fans wanna play that or uncharted collection? Which would be a stupid thing to say so. Idk if you struggle to comprehend or you're just trying to downplay or a combination of both.
Friend just posted the pop count...90k wow just wow.

Septic707d ago

Wtf BO3 has been out for ages and yet people are buying BO1 again. What a stupid comment


When I got on yesterday there were about 35k online tonight 75k

MRMagoo123707d ago

the massive jump of less than 1 percent of the Xbox one user base playing the game proves it .......😂

I wonder if a game that sells 60,000 units is considered a success now days then ?

Foehammer707d ago

I wonder if a ****(SIX YEAR OLD)***** game that sells 60,000 units is considered a success now days then ?



Yes, it is

707d ago Replies(1)
707d ago
aconnellan707d ago

You're absolutely right. I guess it came out on BC and the active playerbase jumped up to 600,000 because people decided "Hey that's good news! Better go and play it on my 360 right now, even though I've had access to it all this time and haven't been playing it until right this moment"

/s obviously

You're kidding yourself if you think that more people are playing Black Ops on 360 than Xbox One right now

meche334707d ago

My friends list is full of people playing bo1 on xbox one. but atleast 15 to 20k are playing on 360 which is the normal player base for just 360

showtimefolks707d ago


so true. there are so many games on next gen yet people want us to believe they rather play last gen games on current gen consoles. BC is a feature that gets so much hype because xbox one has it and the ps4 doesn't. if both had it no one would ever talk about it

it's truly sad that the only limelight xbox one gets is for BC and ms don't even make money from black ops 2 being sold used

i for one am glad sony is focusing on next gen experiences

also glad about ea access.

BC and ea access= ps4 outselling xbox one

706d ago
Andofaus706d ago

I guess it's just an amazing coincidence then, that BLOPS sales exploded just as it was released on X1 with back compat.

mochachino706d ago

Old games are hard to find. The PS3 version of Black Ops is sold out in EBgames across Canada. Doesn't mean it's had a surge in popularity.

In fact, pick any old game and you'll find stores that are sold out of it or with very limited quantities. This story is BS.

Foehammer706d ago

Did it also have a ginormous spike in sales on Amazon...No

Did the online player count have a ginormous spike...No

Have retailers across the UK come forward to say they can't keep up with demand...No

1 + 1+ 1 = 3

The only "BS" here is from the sad downplayers

MCTJim706d ago

who is we? you mean you? Why do you need those numbers?..its not going to take away from my experience with the game, nor is it going to take away from those who enjoy it through BC.

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2pacalypsenow707d ago

Of course BC is important to a lot gamers, Ive been playing BO since it was launched as BC and also plug in my old consoles and play old games all the time

slate91707d ago

Its so funny seeing Majin speak to himself through his alter-ego Nx

Majin-vegeta707d ago

Careful now kid.I wouldnt want you to hurt yourself by overthinking too much ;)

RiseofScorpio707d ago

A kid calling someone else a kid. Rich.

Majister-Ludi706d ago

Well he has to have someone agree with his asinine comments. I get it, I talk to myself occasionally, crazy fuck.

Lonnie18707d ago

Looks like this game is the exception...also could be damaging to current games that developers want people to pay attention to! Also looks like that deluxe edition with Black Ops 4/Infinite Warfare will sell boatloads!

bamillington707d ago

What a waste of time.