Steve Jobs dead… writes: "Bloomberg inadvertently published an obituary for Steve Jobs yesterday and circulated it to thousands of their corporate clients. For those whose hearts are palpitating at an alarming rate, Jobs is still very much alive. The mistake occurred at 4:27pm American Eastern time when a reporter that was editing the stock 17-page obituary Bloomberg has for Steve Jobs accidentally published it. "

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Cartesian3D3430d ago


@1.2 steve jobs is one of the most IMPORTANT people in digital world..
co-founder& CEO of Apple and former CEO of PIXAR animation studios ..

do you want more?

Jobs is currently the Walt Disney Company's largest individual shareholder and a member of its Board of Directors."wikipedia


Jobs founded another computer company, NeXT Computer..

JsonHenry3430d ago

So they have one on stand by for him? NOT GOOD.

Overr8ed3430d ago

whoa that sorry scared the living S out of me. Steve Jobs is great i hope he lives longer. Apple FTW!

yamamoto1143430d ago

@1.2: Ever heard of sarcasm? Also learn to reference @1.1.

actas1233430d ago

Jobs is not the co-founder of apple. He is the CEO which means the chief executive officer. Do u even know what co-foudnder even mean? don;t get over excited kid. Also, aren't you supposed to be in kindergarden already, what are u doing on the computer kid? Fkn kids!

Adamalicious3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Wow - you are a moron. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer in 1976. That makes them CO-founders.

orakga3430d ago

@ 1.6

You win this thread with your superior moron-ness. LOLOLOL.

BTW, I'm really happy that some people still remember NeXT. That sh!t was KEEWWWLLLL (but out of my reach at the time).

Cartesian3D3430d ago

sorry that was a mistype.. btw I realized that was a sarcasm but I love apple products and respect steve jobs.. so I thought it will be useful for people who didnt know him..anyway you are completely right, my bad

@1.6 Im sure you are drunk right now because you dont know what you are talking about, just do a little search somewhere,
and using those words and insulting others means you are a high school KID(at best) not me.

bohemian 233430d ago

They actually have rough draft obituaries written up for most "famous" people beforehand.

SaiyanFury3430d ago


You're joking right? The most important person in the digital world? Jobs is a downright a-hole when dealing with people. Anyone who knows about his and Wozniak's brush with Atari will tell you the same thing.

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mikeslemonade3431d ago

What's the deal with Steve Job dead articles? There's been like 3 in the past few years.

dnf273431d ago

this was actually because some knob over at Bloomberg actually posted his obit! lol.

kevanio093431d ago

He is the reason for the iPod you probably own. One of the most influential people in the world, especially when it comes to technology. This site has a technology section. Hence the articles.

NegativeCreep4273431d ago

In order to organize a hit on Steve. I knew that little Nerd had something sinister up his sleeve.

yamamoto1143430d ago


There are two kinds of people in this world who own an iPod. Those who are too arrogant to buy anything else, and those who are too ignorant to know anything else exists.

Bottom line: only Mac fanboys and their soccer moms buy iPods. The rest of us get cool stuff like Cowon A3's and Zen Vision W's and (dare I say it?) Zunes. Now, the iPhone, THAT is a quality product. The MacBook Pro, THAT is a quality product.

iPod is their weakest line of products, and inversely, is the most popular. Vice versa with their computers.

orakga3430d ago

As much as I like fanboy-bashing of all kinds, I have to respectfually disagree.

Even when I was the biggest Anti-Apple guy back in... 2002, I could still appreciate the great product that Apple had released in the iPod. Yes, the very first one. If you were looking for an MP3 player, there was no better alternative in the market that would have let you store and play that many songs AT THAT PRICE.

One of Jobs' genius is in his ability to look at his products from his consumers, and congeal the product together with the perfect price. Really, MS and Sony need to learn that from Jobs. Unfortunately, while Jobs CAN pull that off with his near-dictatorship power at Apple, the other companies usually have their powers decentralized across board members and exectutives, which makes them slow and stupid.


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Statix3431d ago

For whatever reason, stories like this never seem to happen. Wealthy, nerdy guys don't suddenly die off like that. It's usually the celebrities and/or comedians, but not corporate bigwigs.

sunnygrg3431d ago

Apple >>>>> Microsoft

I would prefer Stevey to be alive. I love my Ipod touch.


solidsnakus3431d ago

..... this news is just so stupid, but brilliant at the same time.

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