Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 18/8 – 24/8

The Nintendo DS continued its reign on top of the Japanese hardware chart for another week. All consoles experienced a sharp decrease in sales this week after last week's holiday spike.

The DS sold 55 995 units, dropping drastically from last week's 78 666, but still retaining the title of best-selling console in Japan.

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sonarus3678d ago

Hmmm don't worry guys once microsoft restocks those 360's it will show you what its really made of

Kyur4ThePain3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )


The whole out of stock thing has been debunked.
That 7,358 came a week AFTER MS said they were sold out and wouldn't be able to restock until some time in September. Where did the 7 thousand units come from then? Magic?
Welcome to reality.

sonarus3678d ago

lol don't be mean are you trying to say microsoft gets outsold with or without low stock excuses...preposterous

Kevin Pereira3678d ago

That is the most retarded name ever. They would have been better off calling the game Finite Discovery.

mikeslemonade3678d ago

More like Microsoft is still trying to discover Japan. Here's a hint it's in the pacific ocean.

mfwahwah3677d ago

I like how the name is derived. It was originally supposed to be Infinite Unknown Discoveries, but obviously that's a long and lame title. Infinite Undiscoveries. Makes sense for what it is, and sounds unique.


360 cracked japan?
More like Japan CRAPPED on the 360

Dyingduck3678d ago

"The Xbox 360 continues its downward spiral, dropping from last week’s courageous performance of 7 358 units to its usual 3 551 this week."

Nice crapping there, Crapbox360

Silogon3678d ago

What I'd like to know is, if the xbox 360 was (as Kotaku said) sold out all over Japan hwo the hell are they selling 3000 to 4000 units this week? Sounds like someone was lying. Or is this there super seceret reserve stash???

Please, the xbox 360 is looked at as a turd in Japan. Hell, not even that good. At least they have a palce for their $#*T to go. The xbox 360 has no place in Japan.

Way to break the gate open, Kotaku. You stupid ASS RASH's!

morganfell3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I have some news for you. The 360 is looked at as a turd in other places too.

Amazon Bestseller update

PS3 80GB Rank 4
360 20GB Rank 88

Obama3678d ago

The 360 will fall to 1000ish next week, and the bots will go back to hating Japan lmao.

SmokingMonkey3678d ago

how do you find the time in your busy schedule to deliver speeches and hate on the 360 in the same night?! Nice to see you endorse the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.