Gearbox President Indicates Unannounced Project Isn't Halo 4

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Pitchford started teasing this "big-ticket" project back in February, saying that it's "big" and he couldn't "oversell this one." Immediate speculation pointed to "Halo 4," given Bungie's newfound independence. Yu's move to Microsoft only fueled the rumors.

"We are really excited about Corrinne joining Microsoft!" said Pitchford in an e-mail earlier today. "I expect her to bring a lot of passion and inventiveness on that side. I think there is a lot of value for everyone for this transition."

Pitchford dropped a number of hints about this "big-ticket" game to me.

So, we now know Gearbox's hidden project is a shooter - shock! - but Pitchford also implies it's a multi-platform project. That doesn't sound like "Halo 4? to us. While that doesn't mean Gearbox won't work on the next "Halo," this particular project doesn't appear to be it..."

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Mao3678d ago

It'll be strange to see someone other than Bungie doing it, but it may be for the better of the story and for innovation. Personally, I could see something crazy like Insomniac getting a call. Yes, they have Resistance and have been successful with that series already, but they aren't owned by Sony and could bring a lot of cool trinkets along for the Halo ride. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Of course, all speculation at this point. Who knows what's going to happen with the next Halo.

ukilnme3678d ago

Insomniac is a great team. Would be cool to see their spin on Halo.

socomnick3678d ago

Insomniac would kill the halo franchise, they are really not that talented as shown in their resistance shooters.

SixTwoTwo3678d ago

Its funny that out of this entire situation, nobody has yet to ask the REALLY important question... What is Bungie working on??? o...O

Sodium3678d ago

...for Xbox720, Xbox360 and maybe Windows? :)

ukilnme3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

For Xbox720? Don't want to wait until 2010, 2012 or whenever. Give us the goods now.

Exaught3678d ago

As you mentioned, Xbox and Windows is technically multi-platform. Maybe they're just trying to throw us off track a little...
Could even be a big push with Windows7, like MS tried with Halo2 Vista.

Dyingduck3678d ago

So, we now know Gearbox's hidden project is a shooter - shock! - but Pitchford also implies it's a "multi-platform project"

Oh yes, a cute chick working on a multi-platform

Gorgon3678d ago

"“Meanwhile,” he continued, “Gearbox is really excited about the changes we’ve made to our Platform department in-line with finishing “Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway” in order for our platform engineers to support the multi-platform launches of “Aliens: Colonial Marines,” “Borderlands” and an un-announced big-ticket game.”

It obviously ISN'T Aliens:CM

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The story is too old to be commented.