Call of Duty: Black Ops sales jump 13,000% following Xbox One backward compatibility update

Sales of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops have soared by 13,400% on Amazon following the game's addition to Xbox One backward compatibility yesterday. Sales of the budget Classics version, meanwhile, had increased by 6,877% at the time of writing.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

Shows you people really want a classic boots on the ground CoD game this gen.

CoNn3r_B572d ago

I remember when Black Ops 1 came out people kept saying that it sucked but despite that I loved it. It's funny how people's attitudes change

SolidStoner572d ago

Its funny from your perspective... in reality its not funny at all.. all next COD's are worse, worse and even worse.. and now when we all were thinking it must be World at war 2.. WW1.. its not... even worse, even more future, even more flying... I never expected it to be so much worse.. but they did it! :D I dont know how.. similar like xbox's 1 start campaign.. makes you think.. "what were they thinking?"...

I got answer! -

Muzikguy572d ago

I didn't like Black Ops 1. The second game I didn't mind though. I think it has a lot to do with assiciation. People would rather have Black Ops1, even if they didn't like it, over the newer games. I'd agree with that too

Eonjay571d ago

If Activision can sell copies of Black Ops for 360 for $25 (with no enhancements) then there is no rational reason for Activision not to charge $80 for people to play Modern Warfare Remaster. For all the articles about price gouging (and they are substantiated) no one ever make the connection that if you keep buying it, you are sending a message to Activision that their pricing structures are correct. Or is this one of those things where you complain about it... but you get it anyway. My point is that Activision shouldn't be charging more than $10 for Black Ops on the 360 but they know too well how to price against demand.

700p571d ago

That's weird cus I remember people enjoying it a lot. I remember people started disliking cod including myself was when mw3 came out.

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Septic572d ago

Goes to show people DO use backwards compatibility.

Still not a fan of black ops. Modern Warfare 2 all day every day

TwoForce572d ago

Really ? Most people love Black op 1 because it set in Cold War era, the story was mind f*** in good way and great multiplayer. More importantly, it has boots on the ground. Back then, me and my friends was freaking excited about Black ops 1.

Eiyuuou572d ago


Didn't like BO too much either, but I'll take it over the rubbish that's made these days.

MW2 was my favorite by far.

SpaceRanger572d ago

This shows nothing lol reach a little harder. This shows that people are using BC for just this game. No way you can make a generalization like that truthful based on just this article.

Septic572d ago

The denial is strong within you Space Ranger. This title is a BC title. It's also one of the most requested titles of which there are others too.

If those titles get the bc treatment they'll have loads of people playing those games. Common sense.

iTechHeads572d ago

Not really. Until we get actual usage data with 360 games on XB1 there's no way to tell.

Muzikguy572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

I didn't like Black Ops either. As has been said though, I'd take BO1 over what has been coming out

Ever done a survey before or market research? Generalizations are usually based on facts and trends. This is both of those and I'd agree that it shows people are interested in a "boots on the ground" game. I'll guarantee you that Activision is taking notice

objdadon572d ago

Has nothing to do with backwards compatibility, it's about cod being futuristic garbage now.

whitesoxfalife1976572d ago

now if they only bring the crysis series over to BC ill be a happy camper. BLOPs 1 n 2 were good to me tho But that MW2 is beast at its finest.....

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iTechHeads572d ago

Not at all.
13,000% of 1 is still just 130.

Anyway Amazon charts don't even work this way. The percent increase is referring to its previous chart position, not unit sales.

BossBattle572d ago

But they're not talking about 13,000% of 1. You just came up with anything to try to downplay

Rookie_Monster572d ago

From the article:

"The jump puts the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops at No.2 on Amazon's hourly PC & Video Games sales chart, sitting behind Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and ahead of DOOM. It had previously ranked at No.270 in the sales chart."

I am sure UC4 and DOOM sold more than a few copies. ;)

lastking95572d ago

You be hatin bad lol BC has been great live with it.

Septic572d ago

Nice Rookie. Dish out those facts hehe.

Yo itecheads. What you gonna say now?

Sunny_D571d ago

So Black Ops sits at number 2 on Amazon ahead of another game that actually came out this gen about time use? Wow

christocolus571d ago


Learn to read before trying to downplay.

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Oschino1907572d ago

I wonder how well it would have sold and how many players would be online if they had actual full backwards compatibility instead of slowly trickling out the most requested games for short term boost in sales and population.

Xbox fanboys say it's so easy, just a "yes" and it happens, so why do they keep trickling out the games so slowly? Do they really think things through before they go off or just grab anything that can be twisted out of context to feed their delusions of grandeur.

Xbox fans I personally know aren't nearly as bad as the delusional fanboys you find on the internet. It's amazing some of the completely illogical, irrational, delusional and just plain stupid things the fanboys on the internet say to boost their own morale.

Pogmathoin571d ago

I know all those Sony Fanboys are not as bad either. I would not call them 'fans' either, just people who play games.....

PhucSeeker571d ago

@Oschino You'll be amazed at how hard it is to get the publishers's "yes".

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jb227571d ago

Shows me that MS fans are still more likely to support old MP FPS' games than they are to support new more interesting games like RotTR, SSOD or QB. Did any of those games hit #2 on the Amazon charts?

No offense to the MS fans that do support those games, but this kinda illustrates that the majority of the XBO fanbase are still really into CoD & mp fps games, so I guess we can't really fault MS for typically putting out those kinds of games over new & different ones.

571d ago
christocolus571d ago

"Shows me that MS fans are still more likely to support old MP FPS' games than they are to support new more interesting games like RotTR, SSOD or QB.Did any of those games hit #2 on the Amazon charts?"

Wow... You guys will do and say anything just to downplay this. won't you? smh.

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TwoForce572d ago

It's not just about backward compatible. It's about the COD fans want boots on the ground. This is why Activision need to listen. Otherwise, Activision will lose sale.

iTechHeads572d ago

Black Ops 3 is selling like hotcakes. Do you know who buys and plays BO3? Actual COD fans. The ones that actually play the games instead of wasting their time bashing games online.

TwoForce572d ago

Dude, seriously ? Black Op is most popular series from Treyarch.

FlyShootRaceSims571d ago

As a an actual COD fan, I bought Black Ops 3 but I stopped playing because it is trash. This game and AC Unity are the only games I regret buying digitally.

700p571d ago

Uhh I was an actual cod fan, but I stopped buying them since black ops. Last cod I played though was ghost

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christocolus572d ago

Nice. I hope Activision and TakeTwo support BC with even more titles. RDR and Skate 3 should be next.

ClickbaitAF571d ago

Don't forget about Skyrim:)

Yetter571d ago

RDR is coming as a free bonus for your RDR2 preorder. 98% sure

MetroidFREAK21572d ago

I hope Activision is paying attention 👌

Unreal01572d ago

Lol, paying attention to what? The number of used copies of Black Ops 1 being sold? Yeah I'm not sure about that one.

MetroidFREAK21572d ago

Paying attention that it's fan base will go back to the older CoD's because no one asked for the future warfare, space shit... C'mon now

Automatic79572d ago


I have a digital version of Black Ops 1 what's your excuse. I love how guys like you respond as if you speak for everyone.

Rookie_Monster572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

"Lol, paying attention to what? The number of used copies of Black Ops 1 being sold? Yeah I'm not sure about that one."

Hmmm, the amazon sales and % increases are based on NEW Black Ops X360 retail sales. That also don't factor in the Xbox marketplace digital version and DLC pack, where it is currently on sale and will sell even more and make Activision more $$$ without doing a thing other than say "YES" for BC. So yea, it looks like you are really not paying attention at all on this news article. LOL

And you are not wrong about used game sales either.
Originally Posted by psychotron  
"My friend that works at GameStop says he sold almost all the copies they had of Black Ops today because of this." 

Originally Posted by Rated-Rsuperstar   
"I sold more copies of black ops today at gamestop then every other game combined." 

That is what I called killing 2 birds with One stone. ;)

TwoForce572d ago

You are the guy who troll both Sony and Microsoft.

Unreal01571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

I'm sorry but you Xbox guys are a bit silly. Activision could not care less about sales of an old used game which they'll see no money from. They're releasing a MW Remaster so they're already "paying attention". Plus the Xbox One has a much smaller user base for it to be that noticeable.


Mate, you think you speak for everyone when you say how terrible the PS4 is at any given opportunity, it's laughable. Probably the biggest case of hypocrisy I have seen here. Then of course you've got Rookie Monster crawling out for defense too. Hilarious stuff.

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ScorpiusX572d ago

They are seeing how permission was given to make this game BC

battleFROnt572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

Why play the latest if i dont want to..
with backwards comp' I can go back and play my fav titles...

The number one voted request for a reason..
and people are using it. . sales boosts too for the creators of the title.

KesMonkey572d ago

Black Ops was never the most requested game for BC. Black Ops 2 was.

battleFROnt572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

I was talking about Backwards Compatibility as a feature
It was up there as the most requested feature... which Microsoft delivered.

Maybe not 100% but it's a lot better than what the closest competition is offering.

iTechHeads572d ago

Why buy a new console to play old games? Most games don't age well anyway. That's why we often get remasters.

Don't get me wrong, BC is great but I would get rid of it entirely if I could trade it in for actual Xbox One games.

whitesoxfalife1976572d ago

cuz we like playing our older games on newer tech with using modern features Such as screenshot, record and upload hell i bet you gonna see some twitch streams if it aint already been done.......Stop sounding like you're above the rest. And good thing you not running this operation.

lastking95572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

Good classic games last forever. Just glad my console can play both the classics and the new😉 all I'm missing is RDR and my bc list will be complete

Automatic79572d ago (Edited 572d ago )


Why are you upset?, I am going to call a spade a spade you are a troll, straight up. I have been seeing you on Xbox One articles spilling hate when you should just stay in your lane. You seeking agrees but most on this site see right through your BS. Do us all a favor go kick rocks and cut the crap out.

Note: Xbox One may not be top selling console but hands down its my gamer choice number one console. The system is truly built for the future. Also kudos to the ninja tech engineers and to the entire team Xbox keep up the good work.

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