Insider says PSP 3000 will be able to play games with PS3 controller

Malloc writes:

"A Best Buy insider has tipped us off to say that the new PSP 3000's will include the ability to play games on the PSP using a PS3 controller. And you will also be to use composite cables (480i) to play games on the TV instead of requiring a component 480p. This should be treated as a rumor until confirmed."

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Bombibomb3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

What's even the point in that anyway? Seriously. It's not like you'll be playing your PSP from a few feet away or something.

Xavier_X3731d ago

It would be for bringing your PSP to a place with a TV and hooking the PSP up with cables and being able to play at a normal gaming distance.

INehalemEXI3731d ago

If that means dual analog support for psp 3000 via ps3 controller then thats great.

sonarus3731d ago

Kinda stupid if u ask me...completely defeats the purpose of a portable device

Xavier_X3731d ago

This would mean it would have Bluetooth built in since that is what the PS3 controllers use. You most likely could use Bluetooth headsets which would be nice. Adding support for the PS3 controller most likely was something easy to add and not the primary purpose.

CaptainHowdy3731d ago

With the video-out feature this is Sony's snarky way of giving you you're 2nd analog stick. lol I don't know what to say about this announcement...Innovation ftw???

plain rice3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Many people will find this useful. I know the PSP is about mobile gaming but hey, sometimes people want to experience games that are only found on PSP on a bigger screen. For me, I'd love to play God of War: CoO on my TV.

gambare3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

you mean, the fact that I can go with a PS1/PSP title to my friend house and simply plug my favorite title let's say.... SFA 3 or darkstalkers and plug 2 PS3 controllers and begin to play or plug it into any tv and share the game I'm carrying with my family members a stupid objective? cmon, unless you got no friends, family or even girlfriend don't you got that feeling of share some game with others without the need of carrying a huge console?

sounds great to me, I love games like Joanne d'arc or silent hill origins but I only carry my PSP when I'm traveling, but having the choice to plug my PSP to any tv and play it with a PS3 controller it's not stupid.

being portable doesn't mean it can't be shared, I think it's great.

season0073731d ago

hmm maybe you guys don't care...but games like PES which utilize a lot is VERY limited in PSP PES can even be more popular in handheld and well i think it definitely means something to some gamers

Sitdown3731d ago

Not necessarily......the ps3 controller can also be played through cable. So that does not necessarily mean that this psp will have bluetooth.....although it would be somewhat ideal given the push of skype.

Xavier_X3731d ago

I don't think they make Mini B to Mini B cables that would be requried to connect a PS3 controller to a PSP. At least I've never seen one.

solidt123730d ago

If you can use a Dual Shock 3 with the PSP then I am sold. That would truly make it a Portable Playstation since you can send video out to tv and a controller. Awesome if true.

BrianC62343730d ago

If it has that feature I'll buy one too. I still have a first generation PSP and for most games the controls are okay but sometimes a regular controller would make it easier to get past certain areas. You end up giving up on the game because it's too complicated. If I could use my PS3 controller for that problem it would be great.

ChickeyCantor3730d ago

But its not HD!!!

I kid! I kid!

Sitdown3730d ago

I just assumed that they did....and then I found some.

KBDuB3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I agree with Sonarus. If it's like what Xavier_X said, then it seems kinda stupid, to me. It doesn't and wouldn't feel like a portable device, imo.
But, I guess it would be nice, just to have. It would come in handy if you're traveling with friends or family, though.

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Harry1903731d ago

Very interesting, but that does not warrant an impulse buy for me. We don't know anything about compatibility issues. It could be that some games won't be compatible. Anyway, your money is best spent on software for now. There is so much coming and also so many already here like Crush which is a little gem that was totally ignored. For shame.

Sanhlami3731d ago

2 things needed: dual analogue and better game

if i wanted to play old ps2 games on a tv i'll just buy a ps2 or ps3.
stop cramming unneeded things in it, if they could just take that out and make the psp 3000 thinner then that would be better.

mfwahwah3730d ago

Fine, then look forward to Dissidia, 3rd Birthday, Birth By Sleep, Resistance Retribution, FF Agito 13. They're not PS2 ports.

plain rice3731d ago

If this is true I'll be buying it no doubt.

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