There’s Over 60,000 People Playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops Online

ThisGenGaming says "Call Of Duty Black Ops is still proving to be an extremely popular game, as the users online have reached almost 65,000 players with more expected in the coming days"

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annoyedgamer433d ago

It's about to be 60,001 this weekend.

Thisgengaming433d ago

Sorry to ruin the joke but they've hit close to 65,000 now.

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MRMagoo123433d ago (Edited 432d ago )

is this meant to be a good thing lol

edit: all this says to me is Xbox one owners would rather play a really old COD than the new games on the system.

Rookie_Monster432d ago

Yes...this meant that BC does many people, contrary to popular beliefs. ;)

xfiles2099432d ago

Yeah to bad the game sucks on Xbone I mean it the control lag realy sucks it does not feel the same at all

badz149432d ago

err...not really. it just mean the CoD is still popular no matter what haters are saying. BF1 gonna outsell CoD IW? LOL...yeah right!

TwoForce432d ago

Good thing is that Activision will know the fan want boost on the ground.

Rookie_Monster432d ago

@xfiles20994h ago
"Yeah to bad the game sucks on Xbone I mean it the control lag realy sucks it does not feel the same at all"

You guys never change. Love your armchair QB attempt to deflat while real xbox gamers that had already played or is playing the game BC on XB1 confirms otherwise.
"Game runs great and it awesome to be able to record plays and take screens."

"Yep, plays really well. Played for a solid 3 hours earlier."

"I was picking up host 99% of the time and everyone was four bar green connections and the game was playing great!"

Keep the salt coming. ;)

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Septic432d ago ShowReplies(4)
Paytaa432d ago

It tells me that CoD fans would rather jump at the opportunity to play a great Call of Duty instead of only having the option to play the second-rate new ones.

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Relientk77433d ago

I wish they'd remake this for current gen consoles

battleFROnt432d ago

and a few folks online said B/C don't matter..

arkard432d ago

Did Xbox360s all implode and the only way to play this is through xbox1?

sammarshall102432d ago

I sold mine to help get a X1 and I'm sure others probably did the same

battleFROnt432d ago

by your logic.. I should be stacking boxes ..

If i kept every single console I ever bought...
from Nintendo 64 to PS4..
how many of those would i hook up to a TV?

The so called successor should be able to play the games of its predecessor. Whether I use that feature or not is my business... but no. . These companies are using this chance to resell the same games you already own. it's another business entirely.

Liqu1d432d ago

@sam If you sold you're last gen console then you clearly had no interest in playing last gen games.

432d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.