MS Confirms Yu Hire, Internal Halo Team Expansion

Yesterday, Kotaku broke that Gearbox Director of Technology Corrinne Yu has been hired by Microsoft Game Studios to be Principle Engine Architect for Microsoft's Halo Franchise Team. Microsoft has confirmed to Kotaku that Yu had in fact been hired by Microsoft. "As the Halo franchise continues to flourish, Microsoft Game Studios is growing its internal team to develop future Halo projects," Microsoft stated.

Kotaku has been told by several industry sources that Yu was part of a package deal. She, and her husband, Kenneth Scott are both joining Microsoft Game Studios. Scott is an art director at id Software, most recently working on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3761d ago

why stop milking the cow if there loads of milk. Dont take this personally, but i really want something fresh and new.

Bombibomb3761d ago

This is Microsoft. There's no such thing as "too much Halo" for them.

GiantEnemyCrab3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

3 games is milking?

I can think of so many other franchises that have been milked more.

Anyway, if the art direction goes twords Enemy Territory Quake Wars just cancel the garbage now. That was one ugly POS game. You better be bringing CoD4 or Killzone 2 type of graphics for the next one or just forget it. The FPS genre has moved waaaaaaaaay beyond what Halo 3 looked like visually.

Bombibomb3761d ago

Laughing my fücking ass off.

How many new, upcoming Halos is that now?

1. One from Bungie.
2. One from Gearbox.
3. Halo Wars.
4. Peter Jackson's Halo.
5. Halo Chronicles?

Wtf? Got milk?

Xavier_X3761d ago

Microsoft really does have some sort of bizzare fixation on Halo. I remember reading interviews with Microsoft people before Halo 3 was released suggesting the entire face of gaming would suddenly change and that their competitors would 'have no answer'.

The game was released. The same people who bought Halo last gen bought Halo 3 this gen. The same people who didn't care about the franchise last gen went right on not caring about the franchise this gen. The gaming world went right on without blinking an eye.

All that wasted effort could have been spent on stuff that actually would attract gamers outside the Halo fanbase.

GiantEnemyCrab3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )


This confirms that Gearbox is not working on a Halo game.

And the Peter Jackson Halo thing is Halo Chronicles.

So it's: Halo 4, Halo Wars and Halo Chronicles with Halo 4 probably coming on the next Xbox console.

That is still less than half of what a franchise like Ratchet and Clank has milked or Metal Gear. If anyone knows how to milk it's $ony and Nintendo.

Peekay3761d ago

don't forget the freaking board game!

Fox013761d ago

that's what I call milked.
Like it or not, Halo sells even more than FF games. so as much as it keeps selling let them keep making them. It's not like they're going to listen to the PS3 fanboys anyway and stop.

SL1M DADDY3761d ago

Halo was the one game that saved the Xbox from certain death. It is also a game that pushed many 360's. You can see why MS is putting a ton of cash behind that cow. From my take on things, without Halo, the Xbox would not exist today.

This of course is my take on it and not meant as a slam.

barom3760d ago

Am I the only one who thinks she's hotter than Jade Raymond?

deeznuts3760d ago

Meh, she's alright. Wouldn't say hot. She looks like she just burnt something though> She looks blazed like a mofock.

Eiffel3760d ago

Does no one remember Sony's fixation with MGS and Crash Bandicoot?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3760d ago

This makes me think of the 30+ Final Fantasy games, and 5+ Metal Gear games which at last count is more than Halo. If you are going to use the word "milking" make sure to look in your own PS2 and Nintendo library.

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Lucas223761d ago

so halo 4 confirmed for next xbox 2010?

Cajun Chicken3761d ago

The 'Crash Bandicoot' effect.

GiantEnemyCrab3761d ago

Oh man, I hope not... but you know I am getting that feeling as well.

Harry1903761d ago

I agree Halo is being milked as a 'franchise' in non-gaming related products, but as a game, it is not. There have only been three iterations till now and you can't blame them for giving their consumers what they want. Ok, ok, Halo Wars might not be such a great idea, but hey, it's basically fan service.

Isn't she the gal who sent an email that lead to the whole Halo 4 rumour?

socomnick3760d ago

Thank you harry. Im glad someone gets it. Sure there are a ton of halo action figures, board games, etc. But there are only 3 games. The rumored halo games are all speculation. Nobody knows if they exist. I say keep making the halo games but make sure they continue to be amazing.

DarK-SilV3761d ago

confirmed, next Halo cart

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