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Comcast to make monthly Internet use cap official

Comcast Corp., the nation's second-largest Internet service provider, Thursday said it would set an official limit on the amount of data subscribers can download and upload each month... (Industry, Tech)

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Merritt  +   2559d ago
It sickens me to see this happen. Is this how censorship of the internet will work?!?!
RevN8r  +   2559d ago
I don't know
I think that actual censorship of the internet will be much worse. This is bad, to be sure, but it's already a practice throughout much of the rest of the world.

My ISP is through Charter Communications, and I feel like they're already throttling our bandwidth. It shouldn't be the case, but I truly wonder sometimes.
Bnet343  +   2559d ago
and to think I was going to sign for Comcast because I am moving next week. No thanks Comcrap, I'll stick to DSL like always.
sack_boi  +   2559d ago
Here in france we have 100MB/s dl and 50MB/s up, without and restrictions.

I really feel bad for you Americans.
Silver360  +   2559d ago
They should lower the price
of the internet service if they are changing what is offered. None of this bull about we have the right to change what we provide, the customers get no compensation for the change of the deal.
JoySticksFTW  +   2559d ago
More Shocking News also anounced to start Oct 1!!!
!! The Atmosphere will begin charging for the air we breathe...
!! God will begin charging new born babies for souls...
!! The devil will begin charging for extra helpings of Despair when you reach hell...
!! Too Human, Fat Gabe, Haze, RROD'd 360's, Lair, and the Wii's whole line-up of games will begin charging for the right to laugh at them...

When and where does it frickin' end?

But in all fariness to Comcast, 250gb is pretty generous compared to what the other guys are offering
Motion  +   2559d ago
Capping will start lawsuits...
Digital phone companies like vonage will be pissed about this, since comcast is limiting the amount of time you can use it, especially while comcast itself offers a digital phone service that will probably remain unlimited...since this will effect other companies services, such as vonage, hulu, (basically any IPtv or voice company), I dont' see how they can put these restrictions on.
kalel333  +   2559d ago
Wow 250 gb cap??? That's still pretty good ! here in Canada Quebec, I have a 20gb download cap and I pay 40$ (student price) but if I weren't a student it would be 20$ more I think. I'm hating the internet more and more everyday because I can't do as much as when I had my 256 kbps connection !! Who knew That I'd want my 256kbps connection back when I have 7mbps; f*ck capitalism !
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2559d ago
I hope it will be illegal for isp's to cap. Frankly this is heading ina bad direction. First they say, oh the cap is at a 250GB, then they reduce it by introducing lower cost plan. Then they get rid of the old plans and introduce newer crappier plans.

Step in the wrong direction though, but in Comcast defense they have provided me the best internet I gotten compared to crappy DSL service from AT&T and they are far more generous....

Wish I could get fiber!
SaiyanFury  +   2558d ago
So the American corporate monopoly of the internet continues. Soon the cap will drop and the internet will become more expensive as all things that are involved in a corporate monopoly do. I'm stuck on 1.5mbps DSL so no cap in the world would be low enough for us here in BF nowhere, Florida.
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ShinFuYux  +   2559d ago
How much data does Online gaming use in a month?

Yesterday, I downloaded National Treasure, it was 7GB.

OGharryjoysticks  +   2559d ago
Yes good question
This would suck sheep balls if it cut me off a game in the middle
Shadowstar  +   2559d ago
So, at 7 GB... you'd be able to download only 35 movies per month (assuming no other internet usage-- if we say that other than movies, you're around average, that's still over 30 per month.) How many movies do you watch? 250 gigs sounds like you'd only hit it if you were a heavy filesharing family using multiple computers to download individual movies every day, or running a very successful website out of your basement... I mean, I'd prefer no limits, but most of the rest of the world has them, and if the US is going to get them too, they should be reasonable, and this... actually seems reasonable. And from Comcast, no less! Surprising!
JoySticksFTW  +   2559d ago
They won't cut your game off in the middle. Comcast will let you keep playing and just charge you CRAZY fees for going over your limit.

They probably, secretly hope you go over the limit just to charge you more money.

Believe it.
strotee  +   2559d ago
Sounds like Comcast is ready for digital downloads. /sarcasm
dragunrising  +   2559d ago
I have Comcast :-(
Hopefully the restrictions won't last or will be refined (higher than 1000 GB). Digital distribution is going to happen at some point and the last thing we need is a data cap. It is more beneficial to single out the major abusers of data bandwidth. Spammers and pirates in particular...
Raoh  +   2559d ago
dont take this lightly

comcast is the second largest isp...

other companies are all trying to reach the same goal and are all looking at each other to see what works

not only to stop piracy but to make money on it...

this also allows them to blame the customer/offender for less than stellar service

while they still wont upgrade their networks

lets not forget that comcast was also caught delivering SD quality television to its HD customers to increase bandwidth (or not increase bandwidth)
rogimusprime  +   2559d ago
they are just trying set set a strong precedent for F***ing people over.

This is garbage. I'm glad Time Warner bought them out in L.A.
kalel333  +   2559d ago
Response to Raoh
Yeah i totally agree with you, people don't realize how "dangerous" this could be for us consumers. If we start accepting limited internet every ISP is going to do the same in order to save bandwidth and make more money out of the GB's we download . But then again they'll have to either remove the caps or give us more download and upload with digital downloads becoming more and more popular everyday. Apple should sue all ISP's that force caps (have no limitless plans) saying that they are hampering the growth of their itunes store or something lol. So should Microsoft and Sony with their PS's and Xbox's.
Silogon  +   2559d ago
G'bye Comcast, you won't be missed..
sunnygrg  +   2559d ago
I miss that one month vacation in Japan. Oh! how I gamed that summer.
Owner360-PS3  +   2559d ago
Glad Comcast isnt near me.... This is so 90's
facepalm  +   2559d ago
"It's Comcastic!!" ::thumbs up with an awkward smile::

But seriously... Capping is stupid, but at least it isn't as bad as Time Warner's "40GB" cap that they're testing on...

Luckily for me I have FiOS now...
tangerine  +   2559d ago
stay away from these cable c*nts
I have been on DSL for years, and although it may not be as fast as cable at it's best (but way better most of the time as cable is shared with the block and sucks balls) it is cheap, and consistent.
I download like a mofo on mine.
RememberThe357  +   2559d ago
Same here
Got Qwest on Wi-Fi. Not the best, but it works well enough and I'm still not on the fastest speed they offer.
Lord Anubis  +   2559d ago
oh the doom :( so much for a future being connected. They need to upgrade and use other alternatives rather than cap. There is P4P for starters.
Ozzyb  +   2559d ago
Fine.. I already hear from players online what crap service Comcast provides. I'll stick with Verizon; I haven't heard anything about a cap from them. I think this probably won't last unless their competitors follow with a similar plan. People don't like caps on anything, so this will either be short-lived or they will lose many customers.. especially in areas where there are many options in ISPs. (I live 15 minutes from NYC)
kewlkat007  +   2559d ago
Oh sh^t I dropped Comcast 2 years ago for RCN(Boston Area)
I rather go with the small guy, they need the business and hopefully this sh^t does not happen.
creeture  +   2559d ago
signs of the times.
RememberThe357  +   2559d ago
Obama '08
lol he'll tell these ISPs to offer equal service for equal payment! (that speech was kick ass tonight)
RoidRage  +   2559d ago
Utt Ohh
I think the sh** is about to hit the fan.
Megaton  +   2559d ago
Pssht, I'd take Comcast's 250gig limit over Time Warner's (my current ISP, who have a monopoly in my area) experimental cap of 5 - 40gigs. Luckily they haven't hit us with the cap, but I think it's only a matter of time. Utter nonsense. Will someone please cue the angry mob/uprising before these corporations strangle our internet?
RoidRage  +   2559d ago
This is one of those rare instances that a petition would be a good idea.
theusedfake  +   2559d ago
it seems that comcast just got added
to the list of people that can go F themselves
VampHuntD  +   2559d ago
If they do this
I'll be finding a new service provider for certain. Bad move Comcast, bad move.
FantasyStar  +   2559d ago
same here
Bigrhyno  +   2559d ago
When I read the title I started to get pissed. But after reading it, it's not too bad. I mean don't get me wrong, I am not supporting the idea of capping, but 250 is much more generous than the other companies trying this method. I also highly doubt I come anywhere close to this amount per month too.
VampHuntD  +   2557d ago
This is the start
As with any big change, first you get acceptance, by offering, in this case, a large space cap that almost no one would hit anyway. People then say, well it sucks but it'll never effect me! I don't use the internet enough to hit 250gb. Then once that's in place, the limit drops.

Starts to fall to 200, people still go doesn't effect me! 150, doesn't effect me! 100, doesn't effect me! And one day you look at your cable bill cause it's massively over and you realize, that while you weren' paying attention, the limit dropped to where it DOES effect you or you use more BW than you ever thought possible.

And by then it's too late to fight the beast.
Sitdown  +   2559d ago
If only we had enough influence...
we could all boycott Comcast and Time Warner by going with dial up.....until it got the point across. Oh well....sounds like this is an instance where some people will just have to grit and bear it....make sure you shower will good to remove the filth of being taken advantage of.
Immortal Kaim  +   2559d ago
Your only just getting restrictions on data? Welcome to the world of Australian broadband, though your not restricted to 15GB at $49, right?
Endorphin  +   2559d ago
Just get your local cable internet service provider...much better and none of that big corporate bull crap.
thereapersson  +   2559d ago
Comcast IS the sole local cable provider in my area
And it's the same for most other people as well. I'm not sure what you meant by your statement...
thereapersson  +   2559d ago
Comcast is the largest ISP in my state, servicing millions of homes across the region. The sad thing is, most idiots won't bother to complain about this because society is so complacent with what gets forcefed to them. I hope to god this doesn't go into effect.

I remember them getting in a heap of trouble for attempting to do something like this a while back, so instead they decided to go for bandwidth throttling during peak hours for "heavy" users. I wonder what will come of this if it comes into effect?
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Fanboy Slaughter  +   2559d ago
I hear you completely. We had Insight Communications here in Northern IL for almost a decade, and they were great, they NEVER even charged for a repair call. They never b!tched about bandwith usage or anything, but when Comcast bought them out they saw that Insight had subscribers to the tune of almost 80% of the entire metro area population, so Comcast booted them to rural Kentucky while they (in a VERY hostile manner) took our area over.

Needless to say, I'm not thrilled with them AT ALL. The fact that Cable companies are practically the only industry allowed to have a monopoly over an area just isn't right
Citizen Cook  +   2559d ago
250GB is plenty!
Only a pirate would want more than that. And by that, i mean a pirate that sells on the movies. Not the rest of the worlds pirate that only download for their own viewing.
Captain Tuttle  +   2559d ago
Luckily I'm getting Verizon FIOS next week, just a coincidence. Although there's no way that I use close to 250 gigs. How does this apply to online gaming?
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titntin  +   2559d ago
This is simply what will happen everywhere.
There's limited bandwidth on any system and increasing demand for it. In order to cater for the majority of users, they will penalize those few thats over use the system.
Its been like this in the UK for years. Most packages here have a monthly download quota averaging 30 to 40 gig for a month. But even if you sign up for an 'unlimited package', if you use a lot of bandwidth (say over 80 gig) then they profile your line and reduce your speed terribly. I have a business line that supposed to support 3 or 4 business users and be unlimited, but if I download a lot of movies or upload a lot of media files (my work), my line gets crippled in peak times and I can't even watch a streaming game trailer without constant buffering.

Figures like 250gig are huge, and extremely generous by the standards of the UK.

Its the certain knowledge that these 'caps' will become standard everywhere, that belies those who suggest digital downloads is the distribution method thats about to overtake everything else. The capacity is simply not there for the majority of people for the foreseeable future.
PirateThom  +   2559d ago
I'm on a 40GB but my ISP is quite small and don't enforce it, even though I'm sure I've gone over it once or twice.

But this is why digital distribution will never be viable, too many limits.
kevin1122  +   2559d ago
disregard this post.
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kevin1112  +   2559d ago
how does this affect me, i always stream movies, rarely ever download stuff. except for psn demos and a few other things that are around 50mb. and i use the internet for gaming, will I go over 250gb?
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SL1M DADDY  +   2559d ago
While this will not effect me in the least...
I am still pissed. As soon as another service is available, I may move on to the other guys...
Merritt  +   2559d ago
I stuck with it down here in the Keys myself. I could switch to DSL but that means no more Vonage due to having a landline for DSL and I don't want to pay for that.

How will this affect Vonage? I'm curious.
How will this affect my gaming? I have no clue what I use.
How will this affect my legally downlinding movies, streaming video...etc? Again, no idea.
How will this affect consoles future plans for offering online experiences? I.E. Home and any MMORPG On both the PS3 and 360 side.

The internet was created with the intention to be free and such, these companies have bastardized it. Upgrade your infrastructure, there is no need to cap. Punish the extreme users of file sharing etc...etc...not people such as myself a "power user" it's sad really.

Comcast will be loosing quite a few customers, that's for certain.
tuaamin13  +   2559d ago
The real problem here
Is that the local mono/duopolies (cable+phone companies) have no incentive to upgrade their existing capacity. It's like that with wireless service too. AT&T has more subscribers in some areas than they have infrastructure, leaving dropped calls and all that crap.

Other countries with (considerably) faster internet have government restrictions in place about line sharing (they have to lease out lines, so that gives more smaller ISPs a chance without them having to own infrastructure), and they also give tax breaks to companies who do upgrade their infrastructure/lay new lines.

I'm not saying tons of government is the answer, but there are things they can do to help the US catch up to the rest of the world.

Remember the FCC defines broadband by 256kbps. They recently re-ran the numbers with 512kbps as the minimum, and afaik they haven't released them to the public because the numbers look so bad.
MrWonderful  +   2559d ago
F*ck you comcast! if i dont decied to sue then i will drop my service.
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