Even More Killzone 2 Multiplayer Screens

Killzone unit reports:-

"SCEA has released another little batch of screenshots from Killzone 2's multiplayer mode. We'll let the images speak for themselves! "

Please follow the Credit URL for more screenshots in HD

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Bombibomb3733d ago

I disagree. Heavy Rain looks better to me and we haven't even seen God of War 3 yet but does everything have to turn into a war? They're all PS3 exclusive (not Crysis of course) anyway so does it really matter?

NO_PUDding3733d ago

Damn colourful!!!

Beauitful. Defitnely one of the best artistic directions this generation. Nay-sayers don't know what an art direction is.

Overr8ed3733d ago

different art designs Both KZ2 and Heavy Rain mean different graphics

cahill3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I dont know man

but definitely uncharted, KZ2, HR and Crysis are the best looking games ever .

After seeing these screenshots i feel KZ2 has snatched the crown for best graphics from HR

HR is in the pre pre pre alpha state and it looks unmatchable. we will see what happens after seeing the final builds of both Kz2 and HR


thanks man
finally someone who realizes that Crysis' trcikery lies just with FOLIAGE . However KZ2 easily tops in all other areas

Xavier_X3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Maybe because Crysis ended up being such a mediocre game but after playing it on a 3500 dollar PC it doesn't come close to what we are seeing here.

Enemy reaction to shots and explosions
The gun modeling, action, and rendering
The post processing effects like the way they make it feel like a wind storm with screen blur effects

And the main thing about Killzone 2 is it looks real and not everything covered in shiny and bumpy plastic that everyone has grown to hate in Unreal Engine games.

moses3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Not really, I just finished playing Crysis with my new GTX 280, and all I can say is blah to the bland color, empty land scape, and damn low resolution textures of Killzone. Sure, it's decently good looking for a console game, but no where near the best looking game of all time. Heavy rain looks MUCH better then Killzone 2 (judging by these screens) by FAR.

Please, please put all bullshit aside -_-.

@ below: No, in crysis the indoor scenes look realistic as hell, the textures are crisp, even in 1920x1200, and the player model faces are amazing. You really can't say the same thing about killzone, the big picture looks pretty, but the details are sort of ugly. Also, you're absolutely correct, that player model in the screenshots looks exactly like they're painted on.

Xavier_X3733d ago

Crysis, like FarCry have been milking the cover everything in foilage trick. But as soon as the you get indors or out in the open it looks like just another average graphics engine.

The Crysis guys also love to put out 'engine demos' which have nothing to do with the actual game graphics. The only way someone could honestly claim they thought actual Crysis in game graphics looked better than what we are seeing here is if they like scanned images for materials vs the more hand painted style in Killzone 2.

Tobias1233733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Crysis looked amazing, if you could run it high-res at Very High settings. The lighting was great, the foliage was great, the guns looked great, the vehicles, the water, the textures, etc. Everything except the faces(arguable here) in Crysis was STUNNING. That being said, you needed to sell your soul to get a computer that could run it. Killzone 2 sets the bar for best console graphics, and it has a much better art style than Crysis, but from a technical standpoint, nothing that is out right now or coming out in the next few months can touch Crysis.

EDIT:@Moses, Heavy Rain and Killzone graphics-wise isn't comparable. Heavy Rain has very detailed character models and good environments, but it doesn't have a bunch of soldiers and tanks running around blowing up everything in sight(that would be quite a sight actually...Madison the Mercenary)

Kami3733d ago

but the lighting is just amazing and you cant deny that.

WengYong3733d ago

Thats true, a comp will always out do a console graphics wise.

But I would rather a console where I can enjoy some primo fighting games aswell.

moses3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Of Course, I love my N64 console as well, but the claims that people make about Killzone 2 are so blown out of proportion it's funny.

Edit: There you go postedup, in my opinion, GT5 looks much much better then KZ2, it's photo realistic AND 1920x1080, doesn't get much better then that.

PoSTedUP3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i disagree with all of you XD, only for fun though! except for crysis... cause crysis is a damn good looking game, just not my type of game though.

seizure warning!

Tobias1233733d ago

Awesome pictures man. I think GT5:P has the best lighting out of any game I've ever played. Say what you want about the Aliasing issues on some cars or other small details, Polyphony Digital have absolutely nailed it when it comes to lighting and reflections.

plain rice3733d ago

Crysis wins hands down for the best visuals on any platform. Killzone 2 wins as best graphics/animation for any CONSOLE. For Christ sake, look at the first animated gif Xavier_X posted. Amazing.

Spydiggity3733d ago

STOP GIVING UNCHARTED UNDESERVED CREDIT!!! it's attitudes like that will hold back game development. Uncharted belongs on ps2 or xbox. 4 whole characters models. same boring, repetitive gameplay. lame graphics and presentation. explosions are a joke in the game. environment interaction is non existent sept with the uninspired "platformer" elements which are predictable and hardly a puzzle.

i had to choke that game down just to get through it. so lame.

killzone will be good though. but i noticed a lot more ps3 fanboys were calling the gears of war 2 screen shots "bullshots" and yet i see very few saying that here. man i hate hypocrites.

PoSTedUP3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

uncharted has the best console graphics till this date, that game is unbelievably awesome dog you dont know what you are talking about. it deserves credit for being a really awesome, fun and intence game. judging by your past comments you just hate on the ps3 plain and simple and prefer the 360, thats ok man but your comment belongs in the open zone and is probably why you only have 2 bubbles(-_-). game on bro.

Perkel3733d ago

here gameplay from jillzone 2 long whole mission :)

better things than crysis:

-Best lightning EVER (even Crysis can't compare, look at devs interviews)
-best animation of death (ragdoll+sickanimation)
-i thinkbetter phisic engine than Crysis more realistic.(13:45 look at heelgast way as he falling from wallfence)
- much better fog and smoke (look at 12:21 also awasome phisic in this :) )
-Very solid FPS :D (Crysis with two GTX280 in SLI 4GB ram and quad core at Very high in 720p works about 40FPS AVG with drop downs, shi**y optymalisation)

sumguy813732d ago

agreed. Uncharted was a horrible experience. Way over rated.

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sajj3163733d ago

approving these screens as they are not bullshots compared to those Gears 2 screens posted earlier!

Xavier_X3733d ago

It is amazing when you realize that actual Killzone 2 gameplay, even the 32 player multiplayer graphics look far beyond the silly fake marketshots Epic loves to try to pretend are real.

I don't think I've ever seen a console generation where a system like the PS3 has such a massive graphical power advantage over the weaker system with the 360.

I remember reading some dimwit who everyone said was a developer on beyond3d 'proving' graphics like these would never be possible until the PS4 arrived years from now.

Spydiggity3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

well when gears of war 2 has sold 6 million copies and killzone struggles to move 2 mil, keep talking. and the fact that you have so many bubbles is a testimony to how many ps3 fanboys plague N4G. and that includes the moderators.

sajj3163733d ago

You really need to research into what bullshots are before making accusations of my blatant bias! Here are some facts about me ...

1. I own a 360
2. Gears is my most played game on all three systems I have

Whether it was Free Radical with those Haze BULLSHOTS or EPIC with the UT3 and Gears 2 BULLSHOTS, I equally loathe them. That is a fact!

Rourker3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

the helghast feet in the 3rd picture look really big and wide, but I have to say it is one of the best, if not THE best looking game I have ever seen.

@below, heavy rain looks good but I haven't seen enough of it to form an opinion (actually technically we haven't seen any of it yet), where as Killzone2 I have viewed and re-viewed many gameplay videos, and know that it looks good

cahill3733d ago

nothing matches KZ2 except HR

Tobias1233733d ago

really do this game justice. It needs to be seen in motion to really appreciate it(same with any other game this generation really). That being said, I see lots of colors.

Rourker3733d ago

pictures don't do any game justice anymore these days. to tell you the truth.

Tobias1233733d ago

Agreed. Killzone 2's main strength(from what I can tell) is the stunning effects and animations, more than the poly count and stuff like that. It always looks better when you're actually playing it on your tv though.

Droid3733d ago

gray, blurry, and low poly.

you droids better hope this game isn't sh1t like the last one :)

cahill3733d ago

No game on your console will ever match KZ2 graphically or in terms of MP

Dmack793733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

You pretty much just described gears of war 1 too. :)


Bathyj3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Bots think good graphics just mean everything is shiny like UE3.0 makes them look. Hell even dirt is shiny and looks like slime in an Unreal game. I'm done with that last gen plastic engine. It should only be used on Lego games where it might actually suit it, but strangely hasn't been done to my knowledge.

Anyway, its nothing to do with you anyway tool, since you wont be playing it. Go back to playing............damn I keep forgetting. You haven't had a good exclusive since Mass Effect. Play that again since you like "Poppin in" so much. ZING.

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