Top 8 Scariest Enemies in Video Games

Lou at IGCritic writes "Video games over the years have housed some of the scariest, disturbing video game characters ever. We have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of some of the worst offenders and relive what makes these scary game characters so damn terrifying."

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Tankbusta40676d ago

I would say the dogs in Resident Evil were much scarier than the first zombie

Imalwaysright676d ago

Pyramide Head and Reika Kuze.

VTKC676d ago

The chainsaw lunatic in Resident Evil 4. Holy crap that was scary.

SquidBuck676d ago

The witch in Left 4 Dead. The first time I heard her crying I wanted to put down the controller lol.

Gamist2dot0676d ago

I find the Runners scarier than the Clickers.

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