Sony Home Is A "Social Layer" Says Lead Artist

Lead artist John Venables describes Home as a "social layer" for the PS3, pretty much contradicting the previous statements from Darren Cairns and Liam Wickham, declaring Home "is not a social network - it's focused on games. It's a visual representation of the PlayStation community."

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chaosatom3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I think 4 or 2 co-op with a stranger will be much more engaging with lauch of home.

jwatt3758d ago

I think Home will be both because you can just go up to a random person and start talking to them. Then you find somebody that's cool who also have the same games as you and y'all can launch into a game together.

I really see people just getting together and just cracking jokes in Home like DLB's video where he was talking about people, I think it was the funniest thing I saw in Home.

IzKyD13313758d ago

chaosatom, this is kind of off topic, but how did you get so many bubbles?
a week ago I thought you had like 4?

on a related note, why can't it be both a social/gaming experience?

Idonthatejustcreate3758d ago

I think home will be awesome.

nuff said.

TheMART3757d ago

@ IzKyD1331

That is called bubble boosting. Some work with multiple accounts to get them, and the Sony Defense Force teams up through PM to bubble up each other. There is no other way getting bubbled up from 4 to many in only a week

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Xavier_X3758d ago

You have to be joking.

Regardless if you own a PS3, Wii, PC or 360 it is perfectly clear what Home is and what it consists of. People have been able to watch videos of people inside of Home to understand perfectly what the service is.

Someone used different words to describe such a huge online service? No one cares.

THC CELL3758d ago

Home is a xbox live killer nuff said

IzKyD13313758d ago

soon to be xbox dead :P
lol, forgive my corny joke, I've always wanted to say that :)

Jandre023758d ago

I sees what you did there! The PS3 is whooping ass AND gaining momentum.

Harry1903758d ago

It is uh? That guy makes me think of Terry Venables.

You know, Home will probably suck accoring to many people when it comes out. There will probably be tons of complaints about it.

And no, it is not an XBOX Live killer, just a PS3 killer app.There is really no relation between this and Live.

Dyingduck3758d ago

If you do, you're fuc*ing retarded, seriously. If it is free and suck don't get it. If it is good, get it...seriously people are dumb...

Oh, and Xbox360 is dead...

Look at their releases for this year:

lost flop = flop
flop dragon = flop
tales of flop = flop (7.25 from Game Informer)
too flop = too flop
infinite flop = flop (7.1 from IGN)
NG2 = flop (failed the hype by miles)
360 = king of FLOPS

Upcoming title:

Banjo3 = Awful textures, bad game play, and now they've turned the game into a racer for 40 BUCKS. This will get owned by LBP 8 ways to Sunday
Gears2 = AKA Gears1.5 using the same old engine 4 years ago, 5vs5 MP
Alan Wake = a myth
L4D = N64 graphics anyone?

While, the anticipated released PS3 exclusives during FALL 2008:
HOME (free)
LittleBigPlanet (21 Oct)
Resistance 2 (04 Nov)
SOCOM: Confrontation (14 Oct)
BioShock with Exclusive DLC (21 Oct)
Motorstorm:Pacific Rift (07 Oct)
Valkyria Chronicles (11 Nov)

Keep in mind that these are ALL PS3 exclusive, unlike crapbox exclusives which also appear on PC (e.g. Gears1+Mass Effect)

Anticipated releases (exclusives) in 2009:

God of War 3
Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles
Uncharted 2
Twisted Metal
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (maybe 2010)
PS3 exclusive from the legendary Team ICO

What does Crapbox360 have to offer in 2009? Halo Power Ranger Wars…

Wait, what about your beloved FFXIII?

You can only get the true FF experience on the PS3:
PS3 = Lead platform for FFXIII, and has been since 2005.
PS3 version = On a 50 GB Blu-ray disc, uncompressed.

In addition:
1. Exclusive FFXIII demo in March 2009 on PS3
2. Exclusive FFXIII in Japan - for you Japanese speaker to port since no regional lock unlike the crapbox DVDs
3. Exclusive FFXIII Versus on PS3
4. Exclusive FFXIII Agito on PSP

The 360 version is a port. So I really shouldn't be calling it a "version" at all.
The 360 PORT hasn't even gone into development.
The 360 PORT will be on multiple DVD's and it will “probably” STILL look worse than the PS3 version (e.g. RAGE)

B-Rein3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

only a retard would coplain for stuff that you get for FREEE!!!!!
it would have been a whole diff story if ya had to pay for it

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solidsnakus3758d ago

i think they need to add some purpose to home, maybe a RPG leveling up system or something. it dosent look like theres any reason to go into home other than maybe 3 times per every new version they come out with.

pwnsause3758d ago

uh, there is a reason, thats why trophies are embedded into the system now. did you forget that, before you state anything else, let me remind you that i am in the beta, and i am getting informed of everthing that is going to happen within home. its more than just social community system. lets just leave it at that.

Tobias1233758d ago

Yeah, the new features that Sony has been rolling out are tied in with Home. Wouldn't it be neat if your gamer level determined what size of apartment thing you got, so you could have more space to store all those shiny trophies?;)

solidsnakus3758d ago

yea well when was the last time you opened up the home beta eh? ahh w/e i bet youll probably say today even though you havent used it since the last update.

Willio3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

And i wiill bet you probably have the highest degree of ignorance and denial.

pwnsause3757d ago

i open the home beta up everyday for at least an hour, stop being an ignorant vermin on the internet and start getting educated. If you had educated yourself on what the Point Home is, then you would be giving good arguments, but then again, you didnt, making you another idiot fanboy who doesn't know how to read up on information.

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HipHopGamerShowFan3758d ago

HOME is a revolutionary step to online gaming.

Zerodin3758d ago

I liked it better when it was called "Sims Online"

GiantEnemyCrab3758d ago

hahaha Zerodin!! Zing!!!

Home is a "Social Sausage Layer" ?

Cajun Chicken3758d ago

I liked it when Avatars were called Miis...

Actually No.
I hate them both, damn forcibly limited identikits of personal virtual customisability.

IzKyD13313758d ago

"I liked it better when it was called "Sims Online"

"hahaha Zerodin!! Zing!!!"

I guess the bots have to stick together when they know they lost

GiantEnemyCrab3758d ago

haha check the score izky, yup PS3 is still in last place.

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