The PlayStation 4 power and eject buttons are still confusing people, three years later

The PlayStation 4 was released in 2013. Ben Kuchera attended an event for critics and writers where he was given one, he was taught how to use most of the system's features and he spent the rest of the evening in a hotel room playing games and exploring the new system. "The PlayStation 4 is, by far, the system on which I spend the majority of my non-PC gaming time. I've been there since before the first day of its release, in other words."

"I still don't know what the front buttons do."

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Monkeycan8643d ago

That's Polygon for you.. Wouldn't expect anything less.

Nitrowolf2643d ago (Edited 642d ago )

I mean in their defense I have hit the eject button thinking the PS4 would turn on XD

But that's only because the majority of the time I use my PlayStation controller to turn it on and even eject games.

I'm pretty sure I've used those buttons like 3 - 5x since I've owned the PlayStation at launch

I think the reason why people get confused which does which is because the buttons are lined up vertically. If you do think about it most consoles have the power button on the same horizontal plane with one being right next to the disk drive and the other power being somewhere either on the left or far right

XisThatKid642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

My daughter is literally the same age as PS4 to the day. Even she knows what button does what on my black PS4 and her mother's white PS4. Turns her PS3 on just fine as well to watch her cartoons
This is coming from a site that had been (still?) Funded by MS

Chevalier642d ago

To be fair if there is a disc in the system and you hit eject it will on the system.

meche334642d ago

i've known were the power button was since the first day. lol. but the first day. i was clueless as hell lol

Dee_91642d ago

I mean honestly I still hit the wrong button on occasion too. But thats because i've been using the controller to turn on/off and eject most of the time.

SonyStyled642d ago

The power button is attached to the power strip/light bar on top of the console. Makes perfect sense as to what button would power it on. I don't think it's confusing people, I think people just aren't thinking. Yes, the buttons look the same, but come on!

nX642d ago

We knew it for years but now we have proof - the Polygon editors are too stupid to use a PS4.

UnHoly_One642d ago

I have had a PS4 since launch day and until I saw that image in the article I had absolutely no idea that there was a power button symbol and an eject symbol on those two buttons.

I have to look when I get home later because I honestly don't remember ever seeing an icon labeling either button.

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MRMagoo123642d ago

the guy must be absolutely perplexed using a toaster or microwave.

SolidStoner642d ago (Edited 641d ago )

It gets even funnier... Toaster or microwave has about 2 to 6 buttons..

This guy must be lost when he uses washing machine or a car... poor dude! Must be difficult for him to live outside the wood with all these buttons around him...

PS.. I like wood's and nature BTW, and respect those who survive in the wild.. but its best to know something from both worlds! ;)

Septic642d ago

* insert generic Polygon hate comment

DragonDDark642d ago

Who makes articles about how you turn off and turn on a system? It's pretty hard to watch too.

Chivas11642d ago

Watch out everyone, here comes Septic to the rescue

annoyedgamer642d ago

Even if we disregard this piece, Polygon is a terrible site.

Eonjay642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Its really not that difficult. Do you really want someone who can't figure out how to turn on a system with two buttons tell you how good a game is. Are they even qualified? People aren't that stupid in general. We don't need to dumb ourselves down this much.

Dee_91642d ago

you mean
* insert generic polygon much deserved hate comment

hardcorehenry642d ago

Polygon DARE speak ill of Playstation4?!?! Have at thee!

Kemo_Spear642d ago

* insert generic Septic hate comment

rainslacker642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Polygon...a site which uses people's apparent inability to discern two buttons as a reason to say the PS4 is poorly designed, despite admitting the whole thing is a joke?

Yeah, I can see why we shouldn't dislike polygon.

This is the 2nd article in 3 days which shows some people at polygon either can't play games, or has a headline which can't figure out two buttons. I'd say they have monkeys working over there, but monkeys know how to use buttons and learn what buttons do what. Monkeys can even play video games, as well as bring me icy cold beverages.

gangsta_red642d ago

Lighten up people.

You all must be rich the way you all shit diamonds.

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hardcorehenry642d ago (Edited 642d ago )


Its not something I'm proud of, and I probably dont use my PS4 1/10th as much as some of you... but I do this all the damn time. Just when I think ill remember the orientation, I forget it again.

Lucky for my my BRDVD drive has long since broken down =D

actually glad to read this. Somewhat validating.

rainslacker642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

I guess we've solved the mystery of who played that Doom video.

Anyhow, apparently this article was meant as a joke, but kind of crappy he used this apparent joke to say that the PS4 was not designed well. While the buttons don't stand out, it's not hard to figure out where they are when first getting the system, and I'd imagine the vast majority of gamers have enough muscle memory to be able to push the proper button when necessary. They're separated by 2 distinct parts of the console(top and bottom) and reside right where the two left and right sections divide. If people really can't figure it out, there is a users manual, and it's in the quick start guide that comes with the system. In addition, it's not even necessary to use the buttons, as you can eject from the OS, or turn it on and off from the controller.

The Wii's power and eject button were just as close to one another, and not separated by any distinct markings on the system, and grandmothers had no problem figuring out how to work it. Only difference was there was a power logo on the power button, which would be hard to see when residing in an entertainment cabinet, or not at eye level. Wii U has two small round buttons impeded in the plastic as well, and people seem to get by just fine. Xbox one's eject button is tiny, and the power button you wouldn't even know is there if you didn't know where it was, yet apparently people can turn it on and eject the discs. Is it poorly designed as well Polygon?

I have on occasion hit both buttons, but that's usually when I'm not paying attention. I had the same problem on the PS2. Anyhow, the system doesn't turn off just by tapping the power button like it will eject a disc if you would just tap the eject button, so it's hardly that big of a deal.

nitus10642d ago

I asked my wife who never uses the PS4 about which button on the PS4 would turn it on and she immediately answered "top" which for Polygon edification is correct.

Segata642d ago

Eh I sometimes make the same mistake since I never use the power button.

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sAVAge_bEaST642d ago

He also gets confused with Left Right, and Up Down.

This explains their DOOM play through.

642d ago
nitus10642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

You do know that in some games you can set "inverted axis" where movement of your analogue sticks actually move your avatar in the opposite direction of what would be called "standard axis".

Easy to make a mistake but pretty easy to fix. All you need to do is go to the setup menu and change it to your play style.

"What setup menu" - Said the Polygon staff member. 😉

Actually back on topic. For the PS4 the power button is top and eject button is bottom although to be honest I predominately use my controller.

phoenix_dusk643d ago

This journalist should just go full digital if he can't even remember this basic things like this. #TeamGame+Options=Eject anyway. Lol

Nyxus643d ago

You don't even need to use those buttons anyway. You can eject games from the menu and turn on the PS4 using your controller.

gangsta_red643d ago

I have to admit, the first few times I was pressing the wrong button to power on and eject.

The icons are beyond tiny on the console.

bouzebbal642d ago

i agree, but for me the annoying thing is that i need to hold the power button around 10s to turn it off.
They could have reduced this time like on the first PS3

Gamesgbkiller642d ago

Yeah, but it is helpful when someone want to ruin you gaming session.

Gamist2dot0642d ago

You can power off the machine completely or on standby with the controller.

Kingthrash360642d ago

Better than a commercial saying "xbox off", shutting down your xbox

Lighter9642d ago

15 people know for a fact that you were hitting the right buttons all along. Nvm about tiny buttons. Lol

gangsta_red642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

I guess they were there to witness the struggle!

garos82642d ago

yes first few times is fine, but you have to remember that these guys are paid to write about gaming, they are game "journalists" yet this simple console layout is too confusing for their simple minds

gangsta_red642d ago

They're journalists not astro-physicists, they are also human and make mistakes.

I think some of you guys are taking this a little to serious and putting way too much weight on "journalists".

MRMagoo123642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

you have to be an physicist to use the ps4 huh gangsta red 😂 God help you when you have to use a TV remote. how do you even play your Xbox with a controller with so many buttons many degrees do you need in science to work out that.

people that can't remember that the bottom button is eject need to have scientific tests done on them and studies to find out how they manage to function in every day life.

gangsta_red641d ago


So let me guess, you live your life without making the simplest mistakes right? Like pulling instead of pushing on door, going to the local store and forgetting which aisle the coco puffs are on, forgetting which side your gas tank is on...things like that Magoo.