SuperiorVersion: Fixing Reviews

8.8. 3.5. 93%. When reading a review of a game, what does this number represent? It could mean one thing if you are visiting one site, and another on a different site. SuperiorVersion is looking to remove that mystery, and has implemented a simple, effective way to say just where a game stands, focusing on the details and overall quality of the game, rather then a made-up number.

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chaosatom3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

If the concept of great, good, average is given then lots of games will be great and consumer will still be confused.

The problem is BIASED sites. Either they are biased towards a console like xbox or towards the game like Gtaiv.

Gtaiv getting one 100 isn't shocking, but getting 100 from each site is what is shocking. How can no one see the obvious flaws.

We never used to have this problem during last-gen because reviewers were fair and consumers agreed with the score more or less.

Silogon3736d ago

The review is broken. Everything is gauged on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 to 5 or A to F. It's stupid. And when I say everything, I mean everything.

DS and PSP games are graded on the same scale. PSN and xbox live games, same scale. Ps2 games are being gauged against PS3 and xbox 360 games. Wii "hahahahaah" of all things are being gauged by xbox 360 and ps3 standards.

It's absurd.

How can a 100mb XBL game be a 9 out of 10 and viewed and reviewed the same as MGS4 or Halo 3?

It can't be. It's absurd and they need to sanction reviews off, not by numbers but by system and object.

CViper3735d ago

the problem is with sites that AVERAGE scores. THAT makes no sense at all, especially when you consider all of the facets you mentioned. And to KNOW that Metacritic doesn't even count xyz valid international sites/magazines just makes it even more of a joke. Different types of games should have their score weighed out with -5 or something depending on the type, also they shouldn't count CLEAR BiASED sites like Sony Magazine/XboxFanClub and so on.

SplaT3729d ago

seems like a good scale. no more of this 7.5 is bad crap. one more thing i like about superiorversion.

"If the concept of great, good, average is given then lots of games will be great and consumer will still be confused. "

how will they be confused? is someone going to see a game labeled "good" and think its not worth playing?